7 Signs of Pregnancy ...


7 Signs of Pregnancy ...
7 Signs of Pregnancy ...

Signs of pregnancy… If you think you are pregnant, then it is obvious that you should get a pregnancy test. However, there are some signs of pregnancy you should look for. The seven signs of pregnancy that I am about to tell you are seven of the signs I experienced myself, so I know they're true!

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Did You Miss Your Period This Month?

Did You Miss Your Period This Month? Photo Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

Having missed your period is more than likely one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy out there. However, some women will have implantation bleeding around the time they have their period. This is usually a lighter and/or shorter period than normal. This is why you are asked for the first day of your last regular period. Through my research, I have found few women out there who have their period when they are pregnant. This may be rare, but it does happen.


As for Morning Sickness, I Had That Every Day!

As for Morning Sickness, I Had That Every Day! Photo Credit: Evil Erin

Don’t you just love morning sickness? It happens in many women who are pregnant. It has been estimated that around fifty percent of women experience sickness. Some women are sick only during the night time, while others are sick only during the morning time. As for me, I was sick all day, every day. There is a severe form or morning sickness that is known as hypermesis gravidarum. This could actually lead to dehydration, so it is important to stay hydrated.


Do Your Breasts Seem Sore?

Do Your Breasts Seem Sore? Photo Credit: Caitlinator

Ouch! Don’t touch those! Does those words come out of your mouth? Girl, you are dealing with breast tenderness. This is something that is experienced by many women during pregnancy. They also get this prior to their periods. During the second trimester, this usually goes away.


Headaches Come Frequently

Headaches Come Frequently Photo Credit: seventytw0dpi

Do you frequently get those annoying headaches? These are more common in pregnancy. Why is that? This is because of those hormones. Those hormones are constantly changing. This could be a pregnancy symptom, but it is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy. There are many causes to this, which could include stress.


Do You Feel Bloated?

Do You Feel Bloated? Photo Credit: nexus6

There are some women out there that bloat almost immediately. Again, this is a symptom of pregnancy, but it is not necessarily a sign. Many women have bloating before they have their period.

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What about the Vaginal Discharge?

What about the Vaginal Discharge? Photo Credit: BecomingSarah

When you have vaginal discharge that does not come with burning or itching, then this could be a sign of pregnancy. That is the cervix building the mucus plug to block the opening going to the cervix. This is to protect the baby from getting any infections. You could have a slight increase in vaginal discharge. This should not burn, itch or smell.


Do You Get Annoyed Easily?

Do You Get Annoyed Easily? Photo Credit: _lenee_

Getting annoyed easily can be another sign of pregnancy. If you have the other signs along with this, then it may be time to pick up one of those pregnancy tests and visit the doctor.

Those are 7 signs of pregnancy. Do you have any of these signs? When you were pregnant, what signs were you dealing with? Also, were you like me and stayed sick all day? Please share any tips you may have!

Top Photo Credit: Primo Tacca Neto

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