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8 Signs You're Living with a Nightmare Flatmate ...

By Alison

Ah, the joys of flat-sharing.There is something deeply unnatural about sharing a house with a bunch of random strangers, and many reasons to be wary. Here is how to spot the signs that you have a flatmate who could turn into a nightmare …

1 They Never Buy Toilet Paper

They Never Buy Toilet Paper They commit the worst sin of all, and never buy the toilet paper. This must cause more arguments than anything else in flat-sharing. I had one flatmate who used to use a roll a day – we did wonder if she had a problem …

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2 They Don't Wash

They Don't Wash Moldy coffee mugs... Make friends with a fingerprint expert if necessary to identify the culprit, or you will be buying new mugs every week.

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3 You NEVER See Them

You NEVER See Them The Invisible Flatmate - the only time you met them is when they moved in. They have not been seen since. You never even meet them in passing. You start to wonder if they really exist, or if you just dreamed they moved in …

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4 They Are Just Too Nice

They Are Just Too Nice This is a façade. Trust me, within a week they will be turning psycho on you and you will be forced to defend yourself with the rusty knife lurking at the back of the drawer.

5 They Party a LOT

They Party a LOT They’re a little too fond of consuming alcohol and other intoxicating substances and want to have a party every week. You will have to secure your door with multiple locks to protect your belongings from their equally stoned friends.

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6 They Are Not Honest

They Are Not Honest The person with the lease asks for rent to be paid in cash. Pretty soon, you will come home one day to find the locks changed by an angry landlord who hasn’t been paid. Being stuck with a dishonest, lying flatmate is the worst!

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7 They Never Speak to You

They Never Speak to You Before long you will become paranoid, and wonder what is so wrong with you that they never even mutter hello.

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8 They Leave All the Lights on

They Leave All the Lights on This is a sure sign that when it comes for bills to be paid, they will be full of excuses as to why they have no money, and they’ll pay you next week, honest …

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Quite a few of these have come from my own experiences. What tales of terror can you tell of your own flat-sharing days?

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