8 Points to Remember when Choosing a House ...


8 Points to Remember when Choosing a House ...
8 Points to Remember when Choosing a House ...

Articles and TV programmes can make choosing a house appear ridiculously simple. If you’ve ever rented a home, you’ll know how difficult it can be finding something that suits your needs and that is affordable. When you want to buy, it’s even more complicated … We all want to feel happy in our home, so here are some points to bear in mind.

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What do you most value – city amenities or the peace of the country? Would a small town be the perfect compromise for you? Do you like the idea of country living, but want to be near shops, bars and cinemas? Think about what means most to you.



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You may have found your dream house, but the dream can turn into a nightmare if you can’t afford it. Is the mortgage/rent within your means? Do you have a big enough deposit? Can you afford repairs? What if you lose your job?



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Are you prepared to have a long commute if you find that great house? Or would you rather be closer and have a smaller apartment? Do you want to be near a good school, or close to your family (or in some cases, further away!).



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The state of the house, that is. If it needs a lot of work, is that reflected in the price? Can you afford to renovate it, and are you prepared to live with the disruption?



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Nobody wants to move houses every 5 minutes, so consider whether or not the house can meet your changing needs. For example, are there spare bedrooms for if you start a family, or is there potential for an extension?



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If you view a house, and get the impression that you would be living next door to the neighbours from hell, steer well clear. There will always be another house. This will be the biggest investment of your life, and unless you are renting on a short lease, you will be stuck if there are any problems.



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Look for a house that will accommodate your requirements. Do you run a home business? Check out whether there are any restrictions, and if you will have clients visiting, look for a house with easy parking. Also, does it suit your taste – if you like old houses, you won’t be happy in a modern building.


Be Sure

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As I said above, if you are buying a house this will be the biggest investment of your life. So you need to be certain that it is what you want, and suitable for your needs. Consider what you can compromise on – a smaller garden if it means that extra bedroom – but would you trade more space for living in a neighbourhood where you didn’t feel safe?

Obviously this can only be a limited list, so what other points can you think of when choosing a house? What matters most to you, and what would you never compromise on?

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