7 Tips on Photographing Butterflies ...

The beauty of butterflies has been displayed on calendars, posters, in ads for various products, and framed to be sold as art. These colorful and delicate little creatures can be found all over the world. It isn’t as difficult to get some great pictures of them as it might seem. As long as you have a good camera and follow some of the 7 tips on photographing butterflies that are listed below, you should be able to come out with some excellent photographs.

7. Choose a Sunny, Windless Day for Taking Photos

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Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz

Wind takes a toll on butterflies, due to their fragile body structure. Most butterflies take cover on windy days, so getting some pictures of them can be difficult at this time. Sunny days with little to no wind present are best suited for getting some nicely lit shots of butterflies. Taking pictures on sunny days means you won’t have to mess with hauling a flash around for your camera, which is always a plus.

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