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7 Tips for Those Who Wear Contacts ...

By Melanie

Contact lenses are a great alternative for those that do not want to wear glasses because you can not see them, unless of course you decide to wear fashion lenses. Here are 7 tips for those who wear contacts.

7 Contacts Take Time to Get Use to

Some people are able to insert the lenses and feel comfortable straight away. However, in most cases it does take time for the person to get used to having an object on their eye. This is probably because when you first insert the lens you know it is there and you are probably thinking about it a lot more.

6 Select Your Eye Shadow with Care

Select Your Eye Shadow with CarePhoto Credit: ---Bee

You may find that liquid and gel eye shadows are easier to use, than powder versions, with contacts. Often this is because the latter can easily fall into your eye and can aggravate your eye more with a lens than without. It is still worthwhile being careful when applying make up and take a little extra time than normal.

5 Apply Make up after Inserting Lens

Apply Make up after Inserting LensPhoto Credit: loupiote (Old Skool)

For those of you that wear make up you should insert your contact prior to putting on make up and you should remove your contact before removing your make up. This way you will prevent make up from sticking to your lens which can be uncomfortable the next time that you insert and it can lead to infections.

4 Discomfort and Blurry Vision

Discomfort and Blurry VisionPhoto Credit: PrayerSpaces

If you are experiencing any of this after having just inserted the contact lens, then it is likely that it is not in the centre of your eye. First take out the lens and readjust it making sure that it is centred, when using contacts for the first time this is likely to happen several times before getting use to them.

3 Before Inserting Rinse with the Correct Solution

Before Inserting Rinse with the Correct SolutionPhoto Credit: thelightgatherer

In my opinion this is another important point which a lot of people forget or feel that they do not have the time. Rinse out your contact with the correct solution before inserting it onto your eye; this will help to prevent the risk of infection.

2 Check to Make Sure Lens is Not inside out

Check to Make Sure Lens is Not inside outPhoto Credit: Schooled_in _rock

Inserting your lens inside out can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause slight sight problems. In order to check whether your lens is correct, place it on your hand before inserting and if the curve of the lens is smooth then it is correct.

1 Wash Your Hands before Applying

Wash Your Hands before ApplyingPhoto Credit: ? La Coccinelle ~ {Angie}

This sound so obvious but you might be surprised by how many people actually forget to do this when in a hurry. Not washing your hands can lead to a variety of eye infections that can take a long time to recover from and can be extremely painful. I think that it is worth taking the time to clean your hands to avoid the discomfort and puffiness.

There you have 7 tips for those who wear contacts, many of these tips are extremely important to follow for hygiene purposes. Many people wear contact lenses for long periods of time and feel some form of discomfort but they put up with it, hopefully these tips should help you to rectify any problems you may experience.

Top Photo Credit: Antonio Dell'Elce

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