7 Best Ways to Protect Your Gadgets ...


7 Best Ways to Protect Your Gadgets ...
7 Best Ways to Protect Your Gadgets ...

Our houses, pockets, purses, backpacks, and cars are loaded down with gadgets. Everyone owns some kind of gadget and they can’t imagine their life with their trusty cell phone, iPod, or laptop. How do protect your beloved gadgets? Here is what I do…

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Use Sheet Protectors

Use Sheet Protectors Photo Credit: aruzin

Clear protective clings are available for your phone face. Use them and you will shield your screen from scratches, minor moisture, and ink stains. Sticky candy also washed right off. These covers are well worth their price.


Use a Case

Use a Case Photo Credit: zengyu0208

Phone cases may be a hassle to deal with, but they really can promote the life of your phone. It’s the same way with iPods, laptops, MP3 players, everything. Cases keep your gadgets clean and shelter them from bangs and scratches. Get a case, and use it!


Battery Life

Battery Life Photo Credit: patterbt

Every now and then, allow your battery to completely run out. Believe it or not, when you let the battery life drain all the way out, you are “training” your battery to plug away at the proposed life. Why does this work? I really don’t know, but I did a test, and it is true.


Battery Life 2

Battery Life 2 Photo Credit: tripu

Do not leave your laptop plucked in all the time. You are telling your battery it doesn’t have to work without power. You battery will learn it must depend on a power source before it will work. Yes, I tried this also, and it is true.


Battery Life 3

Battery Life 3 Photo Credit: Deshi Knaves

Your camera will work better and faster if you keep fresh, new batteries. Old batteries run slower and prohibit your favorite gadget from working at top speed and performance.


Water Protection

Water Protection Photo Credit: earthdog

If you must, and if you are brave enough, go ahead and take your phone, camera, or iPod to the beach or pool. But please, keep it secure in a plastic bag. You can buy water cases, or you can use Baggies. Just don’t take a chance on water damage. It’s irreversible.


Heat Can Damage

Heat Can Damage Photo Credit: ˆ-ˆ

Don’t leave your gadgets in extreme temperature. Heat can damage just like water. Store your precious must have’s in a cool, dry place and never leave them in a hot, steamy car. Take them inside!

Gadgets are a part of everyone’s life nowadays. Why waste your money on items that you ruined due to carelessness? How do your protect your favorite gears and gadgets?

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Thanks forthe battery life 2

I kind of feel like you shouldn't leave them in the cold. My phone sat out in the car all night (and it reached around 40'F) and it was functioning very oddly for a few days.

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