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5 Black Things You Need for a Fab December..

By Meream

1 Blazer

Oh man, this Zara blazer is gorgeous! I love the way it's styled with the bow tie, too. I can never pull this off but some of you ladies might. Check out the link and scroll down to see the blazer.

2 Oxford

I am a HUGE fan of oxford shoes. In fact, I have 6 pairs. I have one in black so I definitely agree with the list posted after the link.

3 Turtleneck

I wish it's cold enough where I live so that I can wear turtlenecks every day. If it is freezing in your part of the world, having one or two black turtlenecks will make for a fabulous winter.

4 Strappy Heels

I can't walk in heels but boy, do these Miu Miu ones make me wish that I can! They're girly and sexy at the same time. I know I can't say no to those pretty pink bows.

5 Mini Dress

You have 8 to choose from after the link. The best part: each dress costs under $20! I am loving the tube dress with buttons. Very hot.

You got more ideas on fabulous black things to rock this December? Tell us about them!

Top Photo Credit: lucky

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