10 Must Haves in Your Purse ...

I don’t know about you, but before I leave the house there are essential items that I make sure that I have in my purse. I hate to be somewhere and all of a sudden a headache comes along, I go into my purse and... nothing. Now I am stuck with a pounding headache until I can get to the store or get home. That makes a miserable time where ever you may be, especially if you’re out on a date. As we women like to be prepared especially when we leave the house. In order to make life much easier, the following is a list of the must-have items a woman should carry in her purse.

1. Kleenex

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Carrying a travel size Kleenex in your purse will prevent any embarrassment to you at lunch or on a date. You never know when you may have a runny nose and need to grab a Kleenex to wipe your nose. Plus, you never know when you might sneeze. Kleenex is also good for blotting some of your lipstick off so that it is not to thick and dark on your lips.

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