10 Must Haves in Your Purse ...


10 Must Haves in Your Purse ...
10 Must Haves in Your Purse ...

I don’t know about you, but before I leave the house there are essential items that I make sure that I have in my purse. I hate to be somewhere and all of a sudden a headache comes along, I go into my purse and... nothing. Now I am stuck with a pounding headache until I can get to the store or get home. That makes a miserable time where ever you may be, especially if you’re out on a date. As we women like to be prepared especially when we leave the house. In order to make life much easier, the following is a list of the must-have items a woman should carry in her purse.

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Kleenex Photo credit: armiller007

Carrying a travel size Kleenex in your purse will prevent any embarrassment to you at lunch or on a date. You never know when you may have a runny nose and need to grab a Kleenex to wipe your nose. Plus, you never know when you might sneeze. Kleenex is also good for blotting some of your lipstick off so that it is not to thick and dark on your lips.



The worst is when you are at work or out on a date and your period comes early and you don’t have any tampons. I always double check to make sure I have an emergency tampon in my purse. You can buy compact tampon carriers that will fit easily in your purse.


Hand Lotion

Our hands can get rough and dry during the day, especially with working, running your kids to their scheduled activities, and being exposed to environmental elements. Hand cream keeps you hands moist and the skin nourished, smooth, and soft. For me, this is a MUST have where ever I go. I have to put lotion on my hands after I wash them. I hate to have dry hands!



Aspirin/Non-Aspirin Photo credit: shadphotos

I carry both aspirin and non-aspirin in my purse. The reason is aspirins are the only things that help with my headaches. You never know when one comes creeping up on you. The non-aspirins I keep in my purse are for cramps or muscle aches. Plus, these come in handy if you are out with friends and your friend gets a headache or their back starts to hurt. For me, it all about being prepared, you just never know when you start not to feel good.



We women like to always be prepared for any type of event. Such as, having dinner with a date, a woman will always go to the bathroom after the meal to touch up her make-up. She likes to apply lipstick or lip gloss, touch up her blush if needed. If she notices that her face is looking shiny she will pull out her blotting tissue. No matter what the look is natural or with color we always want to look our absolute best. Lip stick, lip gloss or tinted lip balm are the most used items in a woman’s make-up bag. If you are out running errands and you are just sporting the all natural look, you get a call to meet someone for dinner just pull out your lip gloss , blush and mascara; apply and you are ready!


Pen & Paper

Besides being well organized we like to make lists. Having pen and paper in your purse will allow you to jot down a few notes while you are out. You could be at lunch with a friend and remember that you need to pick up a few items before you go home. Or you never know when you run into an old friend and you both exchange phone numbers and email addresses.



Cash Photo credit: Daniel*1977

Carrying a small amount of cash is important in the occurrence that your debit/credit card is not working. Just imagine getting a manicure and pedicure and after you paid with your debit/credit card you go to leave a tip and there is nowhere on the slip for a tip. So, now you have to politely let them know you need to go to the ATM to get cash out to give them a tip.


Driver’s License

Could you imagine on your way to work and get pulled over? The police officer asks for your driver’s license, you go to grab your wallet and get your driver’s license; guess what it’s not in there! That could be one expensive trip to work. Another reason to make sure you have your driver’s license is because these days when you use your debt or credit card you are always asked for your identification.


Compact Mirror

If you need to apply your make-up, a compact mirror will come handy. If you just finished lunch or dinner it doesn’t hurt to check your teeth to make sure that you have not food stuck in there. How embarrassing especially if you are on a date. Another good thing about having a mirror in your purse, you can check your hair to make sure it’s still in place. We women always like to make sure we look good at all times.


Nail File

I absolutely hate it when I am out somewhere and my nail breaks! What’s worse is when you look in your purse and find that there is no nail file in there. Now you are stuck with a rigid nail that keeps grabbing on to your sweater. It’s also good to carry an extra nail file. I have had friends in the past ask me for a nail file because they broke a nail.

It doesn’t hurt to check your purse before you leave or at night before you go to bed to make sure that you have your must have items or if you need to replenish some of those items. Figuring out what is most important to have helps keep you organized and finding things without difficulty. Please share with me what you have to have in your purse before you walk out the door that I have not mentioned... so I can be more prepared, too!

Top Photo Credit: Konstantin Sutyagin

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Number six was spelled incorrectly. I just noticed. Anyway, this list is so informative. I also love to have a brush and comb, just in case.

Maybe this would be considered makeup, but I always need chapstick on hand. Also: bobby pins

i agree, a brush is a must for me. i also like to carry a few safety pins, just in case! and mints! :D

Pen and paper and mobile phone are most definitely must have on my purse. They're so much important in my everyday life. Also, Lipstick to color my lips, cheeks.

For me, hand sanitizer is on that list.

what about perfume?

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