7 Cool Uses for Plastic Bags ...


7 Cool Uses for Plastic Bags ...
7 Cool Uses for Plastic Bags ...

Ever wonder what in the world you're going to do with the 501 plastic bags under your sink from your last 20 grocery store runs? Well, don't recycle them! And don't throw them away! I've got 7 cool uses for plastic bags that you can try out!

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Trash Can Liners

Trash Can Liners Photo Credit: Jim Skea

Don't waste your hard-earned money on those mini bags for small trashcans. Instead, use your plastic grocery bags! They are the perfect size and the handles are easy to knot together. Who knew?


Car Clean up

Car Clean up Photo Credit: Round America

Travel much? If so, keep a few plastic bags in the glove box of your car. They come in handy more than you would realize. If you have some trash, or if you need to toss soiled clothes or dirty diapers you have the perfect disposing device! And you never know if someone might get sick in the car.


Re-invented Bubble Wrap

Re-invented Bubble Wrap Photo Credit: MannyWallace

No need to shell out the big bucks for bubble wrap. If you are mailing fragile items, wrap them up in several plastic sacks. They will cushion and protect your items and they also take up a lot of extra space so need to worry about your goodies rolling around inside the box!


Dry Feet

Dry Feet Photo Credit: hellsexy

This may sound like an odd tip but it works like a charm. During the wintertime, tie a sack over each of your feet if you plan to be out in the snow a lot. It will keep your feet much more dry. I remember my mom doing this to my siblings and me when we were younger and used to play out in the snow all day, but it works for adults and children alike!


Diaper Genie Substitute

Diaper Genie Substitute Photo Credit: merlinmann

Don't worry about buying a diaper genie if you have a baby. All you need to do is dispose of the dirty diapers one by one in plastic sacks. Knot them tightly before tossing away. It cuts down on the odors big time! Keep a little Kleenex box stuffed full of plastic sacks near the changing table so you will always have a few close by.


Laundry Sack

Laundry Sack Photo Credit: lenswright

Going to spend a weekend at the lake? Take plenty of plastic bags and use them to bring all your wet and dirty swimsuits and clothes home in! It contains the mess and keeps everything else in your suitcase nice and dry. Plus, you can toss the bag away and not worry about trying to clean mud and sand out of it like you would a cloth laundry sack!


Christmas Storage

Christmas Storage Photo Credit: Lauren Manning

When you start packing up those Christmas lights, here's a tip that is great to know! Wrap your lights into individual coils, then put them one by one into a sack and tie it shut. One strand on lights per bag may sound wasteful, but next year when Christmas rolls around you will thank me for it. No more untangling endless strings of lights only to find that they were damaged during storage and no longer work!

I'm sure you can come up with many more cool ways to re-use and recycle plastic bags in your own home. Be thrifty and imaginative! Did you get any inspiring ideas from my list today?

Top Photo Credit: szildi

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The bubble wrap idea is indeed great. Will keep in mind the next time my boyfriend transports a painting.

The bubble wrap sounds like a great idea.. I wouldn't have thought of that. The genie substitute sounds a lil wasteful tho.. ESP with the tiny lil ones, that'll be a lot of platic bags haha

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