8 Adorable Paper Bag Shorts ...


8 Adorable Paper Bag Shorts ...
8 Adorable Paper Bag Shorts ...

Last summer, I thought nothing could be cuter than a romper… but I might have been wrong, because this summer, all of my favorite shops are awash in super-cute paper bag shorts! They’re completely adorable, and versatile. You can add a lacy sheer blouse and oxfords to dress them up, or pair them with a graphic tee and Converse high-tops for a fun, flirty, casual look. If these shorts sound too good to be true, they’re not… have a peek for yourself! Here are 8 adorable paper bag shorts.

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Shorts Term Memory

Shorts Term Memory Price: $37.99 at modcloth.com
Oh, shorts, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One, your sweetly ruffled waistline. Two, the gold button to cinch my waist. Three, your neutral color, so I can wear you with anything. Truly, there are more reasons to love you, but I’ll stop here for fear of spending too much time talking about you, and not enough time wearing you!


Two Wheels Touring Shorts

Two Wheels Touring Shorts Price: $34.99 at modcloth.com
Though you’ll be tempted to wear these adorable paper bag shorts every single day this summer, resist! Feel free to wear them once a week though, perhaps with a sheer blouse and cami to a graduation party. You can also go with a floral-print tee and vintage oxfords for a day of shopping downtown.


Frill of a Lifetime Shorts

Frill of a Lifetime Shorts Price: $32.99 at modcloth.com
These darling shorts work double-time, adding an extra layer as bloomers under a skirt, or wearable as shorts with a pair of patterned tights or leggings underneath. They’re black, so you can wear them with almost anything. Plus, I adore the tiers of ruffles!


Chance of Clouds Shorts

Chance of Clouds Shorts Price: $42.99 at modcloth.com **
These adorable paper bag shorts boast something most do not:** a pretty pattern print! They’re yoked in the front, too, proving a flattering cinch at the waist. Plus, the cuff at the bottom and pleats at the waist make them suitable for casual or dressy events.


Yacht to Trot Shorts

Yacht to Trot Shorts Price: $72.99 at modcloth.com
So cute! These may be my favorite paper bag shorts this season, made of cool, breathable cotton seersucker by British designer Bibico. Look closely and you’ll see the tiny blue pinstripes. Pair these shorts with a plain white tee, or with a camp shirt and deck shoes.


Brushstroke of Genius Shorts

Brushstroke of Genius Shorts Price: $34.99 at modcloth.com
Here’s another darling pair of paper bag shorts with a print, this one against a navy blue background, with a white and green leaf-inspired print. They’re cool and comfortable but still very stylish. These shorts are ready to wear with a graphic tee and sandals, or with a dressy blouse and wedges.


Green Field Day Shorts

Green Field Day Shorts Price: $37.99 at modcloth.com
Why settle for bland white or beige paper bag shorts, when you can have a pair that’s bright cheery green? They’re just as simple to match, so no worries on that front. Wear these adorable paper bag shorts with a vintage-print blouse, or with a graphic tee, or with anything solid in color, especially white!


Dans La Rue Shorts

Dans La Rue Shorts Price: $49.99 at modcloth.com
Just like we all need a fab LBD in our closet, we also need at least one pair of LBS — little black shorts! These paper bag shorts might just fill that order nicely, with side pockets and a cuff at the hem. Can you think of anything in your closet you COULDN’T wear these with?

With so many adorable paper bags shorts to wear this summer, the only question is: which are your favorites? Okay, TWO questions: and what would you wear them with? Do tell!
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