5 Things You Need in Your Fab Life ...


5 Things You Need in Your Fab Life ...
5 Things You Need in Your Fab Life ...

What do you think of horror movies? If they are your thing, these scary stories that Melanie listed down are for you. Have you read some of these before?

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When it comes to your wardrobe, having several pretty items is highly recommended. Even if your sense of style is of the rugged or basic kind, one or two pieces with bows will do wonders.


Indulging in things that remind your of your childhood is fundamental. If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, you will love these nail stickers. The nail polish bottle is cute, too.


We can't all be living life relying on pretty or exciting things alone. We also need to have things around us that can actually help us live long. Herbs are great examples.


You may not agree with me but I consider boat shoes classic. Check out the link to know how you can style them. I like outfit 2 a lot!

There are many more that we need to have a fab life, from being money-savvy to taking care of your health. If you have ideas, chime in by leaving comments.

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OMG...boat shoes...really good one.

A pair of shoes in every color is a must have.... at least for me :P

OMG Great theme! Was it expensive?

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