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With hectic schedules and constant on the go running, sometimes we don’t realize some of the things we do that we should change. In order to save money, time, and be healthier as well as help the environment, here are 7 smart switches for you to try!

1. Regular to Fat-Free

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Try switching to as many fat free products as you can. Some ideas are milk, cheese, cream, chip dip, cool whip, salad dressing and mayonnaise. You may be surprised by how many pounds you can drop in one year by making this one small switch!

2. Walk Instead of Drive

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There’s two bonuses to this idea: Not only to you save your gas and your car mileage, but you get that little bit of extra exercise squeezed in too! Of course, there are some days when it won’t be logical to walk, if the weather is bad or if you are running late, but try and do it when you can.

3. Paper Instead of Plastic

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Anybody out there interested in helping the environment? Well here’s your chance! Go green in as many ways as you can think of. Not only will you feel better about making good choices, but our earth will reap the benefits!

4. Take Your Lunch to Work Instead of Buying It

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Trust me, I used to brown bag my lunch to work everyday before I got a job working from my home and I was amazed by how much it saved me just to make my own sandwich! Other co-workers were spending five and ten bucks a day on fast food. When you stop and think about it, that can add up to around fifty bucks per week! That’s $200 a month you can save!

5. Buy the Store Brand Instead of the Name Brand

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This is a great tip, but you do have to pick and choose. Some off brands will not have as good a quality of taste or durability as the name brand, but you can test it out and just see. You can save yourself $25+ per grocery trip by doing this!

6. Have a Granola Bar Instead of a Donut

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Not only is this more healthy, but it gives you better energy throughout the morning till lunchtime and it is easier on your wallet. Stopping to buy a donut on your way to work cuts time out of your schedule too! Time is too precious to waste!

7. Cook with Butter Instead of Oil

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If you melt a stick of butter, it does exactly the same thing that cooking oil does in your recipe, only it’s much healthier for you! And I’ve noticed that my cakes seem lighter and fluffier when I use this tip. The only thing I would recommend not using this tip for is sugar cookies. They never turn out right without the oil.

You can make plenty of smart switches if you just look around and pay attention to where your money and time goes. Do any of these tips sound like something you plan to try?

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