7 Items to Buy at the Beginning of the New Year ...


7 Items to Buy at the Beginning of the New Year ...
7 Items to Buy at the Beginning of the New Year ...

Everybody loves post-holiday sales, because there are always so many great items to buy at the beginning of the new year. In fact, there are some things you ought to think about purchasing that are sort of off the beaten path. Clothing and things like that are great to buy when they go on sale after the holidays, but there are even better items to be had – bigger ones too. In fact, you might be quite surprised by this list of 7 items to buy at the beginning of the new year, so take a look and see if you need any of them.

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Home Improvement Items

If you're looking to do any renovations, now is definitely the time because there are lots of home improvement items to buy at the beginning of the new year. From window treatments to wood, you'll be able to get great deals after the holidays. As well, contractors and designers aren't going to be terribly busy, so not only can you get great advice, but you can get their services at great prices as well.



All those appliances that were on sale during Black Friday, plus the overstock for the holidays, will be going on sale during these months. When stores have too much inventory, which they pretty much always do at the end of one year and the beginning of the next, you get to reap the benefits of that. So if you need to replace a washing machine or get a new dishwasher, now is definitely the time to do it!


Home Decor Items

Similarly, home decor items are really affordable right now. Decor stores like IKEA and Crate & Barrel know that, during the holidays, people are interested in themed decor So, once the holidays are over, they're more than happy to do anything they possibly can to get you to buy new decorations for your home. You can get things at prices that are as much as 75 percent lower than usual!


Health Items

Certain health items, even surgeries, can be gotten at really inexpensive prices right now. LASIK eye surgery is a great example of that. Even things like glasses and contacts will be more affordable than ever. For that matter, you can stock up on any over the counter remedies for really enviable prices.


Fitness Items

Whether you're interested in a gym membership, exercise equipment, or joining a new weight loss program, now is the time to do all of that as well. Gyms, equipment manufacturers, and the like, know that weight loss and fitness are two of the biggest New Year's resolutions. Rather than taking advantage by jacking up prices, most are more than happy to tempt you with fantastic deals.


Gift Cards

Right now, you can get rewarded for buying gift cards and certificates. There are conditions, of course; the cards and certificates typically have to be a certain amount. You might have to purchase a hundred dollars of something so you can get a $25 card. However, if you're going to have to spend that much money anyway, then the free money is cool!



Now, this one may seem weird, but the price of cotton is going to be increasing by quite a bit. Before that happens, you may want to stock up on clothing, blankets, and things of that nature. Cotton is so common and comfortable, this is one case where it will pay to buy in bulk before the prices themselves get bulked up.

Post-holiday sales are almost as good as the deals you get on Black Friday. Or even better! Stores want to get rid of their excess stock and they're happy to put it on sale if it means emptying out their inventory. Are you looking to buy anything now that the holidays are over? What items are you going to splurge on at the beginning of this new year?

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