10 Awesome Gadgets Every Woman Will Love ...


10 Awesome Gadgets Every Woman Will Love ...
10 Awesome Gadgets Every Woman Will Love ...

Nowadays, it's not only expected that women are beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted and successful in their career, but it's also expected that we will be tech-savvy and up to date with new products on the market. So here are 10 gadgets that you might have heard of, or might not, but that you're sure to love!

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Smartphone Photo Credit:3g.co.uk

They're all the rage nowadays, as I'm sure you know. The smartphone combines the normal phone functions of calling and texting, but also brings in a media player, camera, video recorder and player and Internet browsing. In some phones it's even more than that! Although the iPhone is the best recognised of the smartphones, it is actually not the top of its class! Amazingly, the HTC Evo 4 and the Galaxy S series are being rated higher by critics and users alike for their performance and inbuilt hardware and software. Shop around carefully before buying, and have an idea in mind of what you want it to excel in, and what can just be “OK.” That way you'll find the best match.


MP3 Player

MP3 Player Photo Credit:itechnews.net

We all love music, and MP3 players let you take music with you wherever you might go. Once again, Apple is dominating this market not because of higher quality products, but because of mass-marketing and visual appeal. The iPod is a nice entry-level MP3 player, but there are many other brands on the market also worth looking at. Remember, it's about the music it can carry and how well it plays it, not how it looks!

Photo Credit: JennKstep


Hi-tech Headphones

Hi-tech Headphones Photo Credit: highsnobiety.com

What's the point of having an MP3 player if you have no headphones to listen to it with? OK, so you remember those little ear-bud headphones you were given with your iPod? Go and throw them out. No really, go now! Go and recycle them, since it's all they're good for. In-ear headphones are recognised in the industry as providing low-quality sound, poor performance in terms of outside noise cancelling, and they are really, really bad for you. If you want good quality sound and don't like the idea of something inside your ear breeding bacteria, then earmuff style headphones are for you. A leading brand in this field is Sennheiser, as their entry-level headphones are actually really nice, but if you want the best of the best then I do believe Sony has a pair of $3,000 headphone that apparently blow all competition out of the water... something to think about I suppose?


Game Console

Game Console Photo Credit: geekalerts.com

Whether you like Wii, PS3 or the Nintendo DSi, game consoles are really fun, normally quite easy to use and fairly inexpensive entertainment. They're also a great way of picking up cute guys. The number of guys that love a girl gamer would amaze you. Some game consoles are hand-held and designed for individual play, but larger consoles like the Wii are designed for up to four players and can be quite interactive and challenging. I really enjoy Wii Fit in terms of interactive games, but I secretly love the Spyro series (who doesn't?) and the many Harry Potter games. A little geeky, maybe, but so worth it - it's fun! And if you want to go Old School, then nothing beats the Nintendo 64: The Ultimate Game Console.



TiVo Photo Credit: nyquistcapital.com

This useful little thing is very popular in America and Europe, but it hasn't quite taken off in the Oceanic area yet. Lots of people use it, but it hasn't quite yet got the massive amount of users yet that it does in the USA. TiVo is a cable box, which doesn't mean it's full of wires (which is what I thought the first time I heard that term!) but it means it allows for paid TV streaming. You can watch movies on demand, enjoy TV shows wherever you feel like it, browse the Internet using it and your TV and even play music through it. People love TiVo because it not only does all that but it records shows for you, suggests programs you might like, based on your viewing and even rewinds live TV!


Digital Camera

Digital Camera Photo Credit: electronic.districsides.com

Which one you choose is up to you, but if you're after a simple point-and-shoot digital camera then I would suggest the MJU9010 which I have been using lately. So far that little camera has handled water, snow, mud, extreme heat and even been picked up by an elephant (Thailand, I love you!) and has never faltered. Unfortunately recently my horse stood on it, but with the warranty from Olympus I had it repaired in no time. If you are after a more serious camera then there is a huge range of Digital SLRs out there for you to choose from, but be warned, they are not cheap!



Photo Credit: gps-systems.com.au

It bugs me that men say we women are lousy at driving directions. Prove them all wrong by arriving on time and on the right street by using a GPS in your car. When you arrive simply pop it in the glove-box. Perfect. So far the most popular GPS items have been the Nav Man range, but there are other brands out there that do compete in price and effectiveness. Be warned however, you will need to keep the maps up-to-date or you might end up lost like I have before... Somehow the GPS thought my hotel was in the middle of a paddock. I didn't mind, 'cos cows are really cute, but if you want to end up at the right place then make sure your maps are current!


High Performance Audio Set-up

That's really just a fancy way of saying “Hi Fi System.” Now this is an expensive hobby to get into, so think about it carefully before making any decisions. My father has been an audophile (as they call themselves) for some time now, and his hobby has taken him 6 figures to fund. Then again, he is using top of the range speakers, amps, pre-amps, energy converters, player and cables. If you're serious about it you can get amazing, high-fidelity sound that makes it sound as if you were in the studio when it was recorded, but it comes at a very high price.


Graphics Tablet

Photo Credit:gizmodo.com

If you really enjoy drawing, photography, or fun PhotoShopping, then a tablet is a sensible purchase. They're fairly inexpensive if you're buying a simple one, and can make a huge difference in terms of the quality of art you can produce. Scanning drawings onto the computer just isn't the same as drawing it using the computer. The high-end tablets can be quite expensive, because they are so sensitive that they can feel different pressures, angle of the pen etc. and they draw the resulting mark differently based on those factors. I use the Bamboo tablet, and so far it's been really good, easy to use, has never faltered and looks really nice.



Camcorder Photo Credit:letsgodigital.org

Don't be fooled into thinking that a 'still photo' digital camera can film videos to the same quality as a camcorder, they really can't! A good camcorder isn't necessarily even that expensive, and some of the technology is amazing. You can record straight onto a CD or plug it into the TV and have a live feed going on. Most good camcorders now have an option to record in high definition (HD) and some can also take decent still photos. But if you ask me, keep the two separate. A camera for photographs and a camcorder for video is the way to go.

So there are 10 gadgets that you're sure to love, and will make your life easier and hopefully more fun! If you have any you'd like to recommend then feel free to post a comment or tell me about a website or product that you would like to see featured on our site. Thanks for reading!

Top Photo Credit: IJSTHEE

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