10 Chic and Cute Geek Accessories ...


10 Chic and Cute Geek Accessories ...
10 Chic and Cute Geek Accessories ...

Geek and proud of it? How about some fun accessories to match your interests (and perhaps show the world your IQ level)? Here are 10 that you might want to check out. These can be perfect gifts for geek friends as well.

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The Original Ruler Cuff

The Original Ruler Cuff Price: $44 at shanalogic

Any guy or girl who loves geometry will fall in love with this cuff. In fact, even a crafty gal like me would love to have this as part of my bling staples. This is made of stainless steel and fits most arm sizes.


Mini Floppy Disc Pillow

Price: $18 at shanalogic

*sigh* This brings back boring computer classes in high school. Yes, I belong to the generation that actually used floppy discs in school. For a touch of geek-retro, this floppy disc pillow is a good addition to your study/office.


Lorem Ipsum Tie

Price: $30 at shanalogic

Into web design? This tie is for you! Love Latin? This tie is a good way to shout that to the world. What I love about this are the colors. I think even girls can get away with wearing this for a bit of a geek chic style.


Rubix Cube Necklace

Rubix Cube Necklace Price: $16 at shanalogic

Here is another item with a touch of retro. The best part about this necklace is that you can actually play with it. The chain is long enough for some brain-twisting fun no matter where you are!


Vintage Typewriter Tie

Vintage Typewriter Tie Price: $30 at shanalogic

Fancy yourself a poet, a bookworm, or just a simple lover of old-school typing methods? Then this tie is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It can also be a great gift for an adorably geeky boyfriend or little brother.


Microscope Earrings

Price: $12 at shanalogic

What better way to let the world know that you love science than wearing these cool microscope earrings? Made of silver-toned metal, these earrings will surely make guys notice what's between your ears.


Testing...1.2.3 Print

Price: $22 at shanalogic

Another awesome addition to your home. For sure, this science lab print will be a wonderful conversation-starter whenever you have guests over. This is a reproduction of an original painting by Ben Schlitter.


Robot Love Field Bag

Price: $25 at shanalogic

Love robots? How about robots in love? This can be a great bag for carrying your netbook, iPad, or science books around. Love the color!


Phillips Head Post Earrings

Price: $36 at shanalogic

These are great for any lady who loves to invent or tinker with things. In fact, these are also perfect for anyone who thinks that she is a robot or something made of metal parts.


Happy TV Ladies Tee

Price: $25 at shanalogic

Are you someone who can relate with TV characters better than with real humans? Do you breathe TV every day and can quote quotes without even trying? Well, you might just be a TV geek! This shirt is for you.

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