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15 Lovely Ornaments Id Love to See on My Christmas Tree ...

By Jelena

Some prefer their Christmas tree decorated with red and gold ornaments, some opt for silver and blue and some would never give up the chance to have them all. I fall in this last category and my Christmas tree is always quite a little explosion of colors. That’s why I’m about to give you a very long list of 15 ornaments I’d like to update my collection with. Hope you like them!

Table of contents:

  1. gingerbread cookies set
  2. candy canes set
  3. glass whale
  4. silver bird
  5. peacock feather
  6. blue stars set
  7. set of antiques
  8. santa and his buddies set
  9. skating penguins
  10. set of puppies
  11. splash of colors
  12. metallic wire reindeers
  13. pure glamour
  14. filigree snowflakes
  15. jingle bells

1 Gingerbread Cookies Set

Price: $27.80 at
Four different cookies will make somebody’s tree decorating routine much sweeter this year. Don’t let the design fool you, though, they are not edible so, you’ll still have to bake some real ones.

2 Candy Canes Set

Price: $11.80 at
This set of four lovely candy canes looks good enough to eat. You can’t do that, unfortunately, but I’ll tell you one good thing about them. They are made of glass so you can use them to decorate your tree for Christmas and decorate your cocktails on any given day of the year.

3 Glass Whale

Price: $4.95 at
Lovely design and an even better color! I’m a sucker for glass ornaments because, if you take a good care of them, they will always look brand new. And, since this is not a tradition Christmas design, there is no rule that says you have to put it away after it.

4 Silver Bird

Price: $1.95 at
I love especially like this ornament in silver but you can choose red or green one too. The birdie is made of brass wire and the plastic parts and I really don’t see it as an easy-damageable piece so you can hang it yourself or let your little ones have the honor of doing so.

5 Peacock Feather

Price: $3.95 at
Very original, kind of neutral and yet decorative, this ornament can be used even after Christmas. If you have an individual glass or metal ornament stand, use it to hang this gorgeous glass teardrop with a real peacock feather inside once the holiday season is over and you’ll have a great home decoration everybody will notice.

6 Blue Stars Set

Price: $11.85 at
Gorgeous glass set of three 3D stars, each in a different shade of blue. If you prefer your tree in the silver-blue color scheme, I suggest adding these to your collection. They are not shooting stars but, hey, you can still make a wish on each one of them – Christmastime is a magical time indeed!

7 Set of Antiques

Price: $15.60 at
This set of eight mini ornaments is perfect if you’re planning to have a small tree decorated with precision and taste. Take very good care of these antique-looking babies because they are handmade and they could easily become one of those extra special decorations that are passed on for generations.

8 Santa and His Buddies Set

Price: $7.80 at
Miniature versions of Santa, penguin, snowman and the reindeer need a Christmas tree to hang on this year! And seeing how cute they look, I have no doubts they will find it soon.

9 Skating Penguins

Price: $8.55 at
Three adorable chubby penguins each with a different hat and scarf! I just can’t stop smiling, they look sooo cute! This is my special pick for all of you with small children because I know how hard it is to shop for ornaments. These guys are made of plastic so they are not so easy to break and cause injuries.

10 Set of Puppies

Price: $23.70 at
Long lasting, safe and virtually unbreakable, these 6 different dog breeds will be your children’s favorite. They like to be original and they know how to protect themselves from the cold so each one has a different winter scarf.

11 Splash of Colors

Price: $39.95 at
If colorful is exactly how you like your Christmas tree than you’ll certainly love this set of 12 sparkly balls in different sizes. Made and painted by hand in Czech Republic and we all know how Czechs are very famous for their glass and crystal.

12 Metallic Wire Reindeers

Price: $14.85 at
Three shiny reindeers shaped in silver, gold and bronze wire will bring happiness, holiday spirit and elegance!

13 Pure Glamour

Price: $15.80 at
This elegant set of for beautifully shaped glass ornaments will undoubtedly fit any color scheme. I love their shape and texture and I can only imagine how beautiful they will look on the actual tree, with the light reflecting on all these angles and surfaces. Amazing set!

14 Filigree Snowflakes

Price: $14.00 at
Elegant, delicate and neutral set that’s worth every penny. I love the laser-cut details because they really give these ornaments that special retro charm. Lacy, filigree look makes them unique, as if each one of them was a piece of art crafted by a skillful jeweler.

15 Jingle Bells

Price: $5.90 at
Nope, this is not just a fancy name! Thanks to the two little bells on the bottom, this set of modern, blue wire decorations really does the jingling part. I really like the abstract design and the way the designer has managed to combine the traditional motives and give them a modern touch.

Whoa! Isn’t this the longest list you’ve seen lately? What can I do, I love Christmas decorations so much that I just couldn’t stop myself. But, I’ve done plenty of talking, it’s your turn now. So, tell me how do you like these. And what about the tree topers? Do you prefer angels or stars and do you have a special one you use every year or no?

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