7 Pretty Christmas Stockings ...


7 Pretty Christmas Stockings ...
7 Pretty Christmas Stockings ...

One of my favorite parts of our Christmas celebration is filling stockings for my friends and family with all sorts of goodies. Even more fun than trying to find just the right treats to put in the stockings is looking for the perfect stocking for each person! Nowadays there are so many more options than just a plain red fuzzy stocking, so why not upgrade? Here are 7 great Christmas stockings!

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Stocking up on Necessities

Stocking up on Necessities Price: $29.99 at modcloth.com
Who says a Christmas stocking has to be red or green? This one’s creamy white with a flock of pretty blue and green chickadees perched on a gorgeous gold tree. It reverses to rows of perky gold, green, and blue dots. So pretty, and so unique!


Crate & Barrel Jewel Ruby Stocking

Crate & Barrel Jewel Ruby Stocking Price: $19.99 at crateandbarrel.com
This stocking, with a cuff of rich jewel-tone hues, is gorgeous, isn’t it? There’s something about deepest ruby red, amethyst, and emerald green to make holiday décor special… and keep reading! There’s another stocking to match this one!


Crate & Barrel Fiona Green Stocking

Crate & Barrel Fiona Green Stocking Price: $24.95 at crateandbarrel.com
I love this stocking! It’s so gorgeous and unique! It’s a lush green with rows and rows of delicate fluttery faux feathers in green, yellow, and blue. Don’t care for the green? It’s also available in red, with red, orange, and purple feathers.


Crate & Barrel Angelique Stocking

Crate & Barrel Angelique Stocking Price: $19.95 at crateandbarrel.com
If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, with piles of pure white snow, then this is the stocking for you, made of a lush cotton and rayon blend with rows of faux pearls and lace trim. This would look so pretty hung on a mantel with an evergreen runner!


Crate & Barrel Paw Print Stocking

Crate & Barrel Paw Print Stocking Price: $9.95 at crateandbarrel.com
Did kitty or puppy make Santa’s nice list? Then they deserve their own stocking, right? And this one’s adorable, made of black and grey plaid with bold red top stitching and one paw print (so you know whose stocking is whose).


Crate & Barrel Jewel Stripe Stocking

Crate & Barrel Jewel Stripe Stocking Price: $19.95 at crateandbarrel.com
This is the match or contrast to the Jewel Ruby stocking from the Crate & Barrel collection, with the same rich jewel tones in every color imaginable. It’s nearly two feet tall, perfect for filling with Christmas treats!


Christmas Stocking Coin Purse

Christmas Stocking Coin Purse Price: $2.94 at signals.com
So cute! This sweet little stocking is embroidered with one word: Jingle. Jingle, as in, Jingle Bells, sure. But it can also mean that charming sound of coins, so this stocking is perfect for stashing extra coins to hang on the tree, so everyone on your list gets a little extra joy, a little extra jingle!

With so many gorgeous Christmas stockings to choose from, and so many of them that coordinate with each other, selecting the right one for each friend and family member will be so much fun! Which of these stockings do you like best, and who would you give them to? Which do you think go best together? Please let me know!

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Love the bird one from modcloth...and I love that it reverses! How cool! :)

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