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Guys are hard to buy for. I don't have a husband, but I have a hard enough time picking something perfect for my dad and my father-in-law to-be. They never just come out and say what they want! So, usually, they kind of have to fake that they like whatever I have gotten them. Now, the following top 7 gifts for men who are hard to buy for are a little generic, but since every guy is different, hopefully they'll work as a jumping off point.

1. Tools

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Every guy needs tools, right? If you live with him, you know best what he needs. If you're trying to buy for your dad, you can start by asking your mom what she wants done around the house, and then make sure your dad has the tools to do it. Win/win situation: he has shiny new toys, she gets that loose cabinet fixed!

2. Video Games

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My dad loves video games, so I always know I can fall back on that. This won't be the case with every guy, of course, but when the guy you're buying for likes to play games, you're all good. Now, you have to know exactly what the guy has already, and it helps to know what he wants and what kinds of games he likes to play. Failing that, grab him a gift card (more on that in a minute).

3. Coupon Book

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This will work better for husbands and boyfriends, depending on the kinds of coupons you make. Oh yeah. It might seem a little chintzy, but it's actually really thoughtful to put together a coupon book of things your guy may want or need. For dads, you can make coupons for things like mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway, getting his car washed, or taking him out to dinner. For boyfriends and husbands … well, you don't need to be so G-rated!

4. Sporting Tickets

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If the guy you're buying for likes sports, try to get him tickets to a game. Hockey, football, baseball, basketball: whatever he likes, try to get him great seats. And hey, go with him if you want to – or give him a chance to hang out with some of his buddies.

5. DVDs

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This is another go-to gift, but it can work. If he has a favorite movie coming out on DVD or if he likes a particular show, DVDs can make a great gift. Of course, you sometimes run the risk of getting him the entire season of Band of Brothers and then he only ever watches it when there's a marathon on TV. Thanks, dad...

6. Shaving Necessities

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Even if a guy has a beard, he still needs to shave. Getting him a shaving kit, a new electric razor, or anything like that will at least be practical. And guys seem to like practical things, don't they?

7. Gift Cards

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Finally, if all else fails, get the guy a gift card. Heck, get him several if it's in the budget. Get them for stores he loves, places where he could spend hours, and then stand back and watch him be happy. Do not, however, get your father a $10 gift card to Chili's when he never eats at Chili's. That's just chintzy, dude!

I hope my dad and dad-in-law like their gifts this year. If not, I think I'm just going the gift card route next year. How do you keep the men in your life happy with their gifts?

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