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8 Squinkies on Every Little Girl's Christmas Wish List ...

By Jennifer

Squinkies are tiny, cute, squishable toys that have landed at or near the top of every little girl’s holiday wish list this year. Whether she’s been naughty or nice, it’s hard to resist her pleas — these Squinkies are that adorable. And there are so many to choose from, starting at tiny pocket-sized play sets and advancing to a huge, complex bubble-gum play set. Stocking stuffer? Check! “Big” gift? Check! Here are the 8 Squinkies on every little girl’s wish list this Christmas…

1 Squinkies Jewelry Case – Bride-to-Be Surprise

Squinkies Jewelry Case – Bride-to-Be SurprisePrice: $5.99 at
This little set would make such a cute stocking stuffer, sure to delight your little princess. It contains one little bride, one tiny pony, and a big diamond-ring storage case and play set. The detail on these squishies is amazing…

2 Squinkies Jewelry Case - under the Sea Surprise

Squinkies Jewelry Case - under the Sea SurprisePrice: $7.99 at
This mermaid-themed play set is a step up from the bride-to-be set above. It has three figures: a mermaid, a starfish (so cute!) and a dolphin (or is that a whale?). The three pieces store inside a handy plastic clam shell.

3 Squinkies Jewelry Case - Shopping Fun Surprise

Squinkies Jewelry Case - Shopping Fun SurprisePrice: $7.99 at
So cute! This play set combines two of every little girl’s favorite things: Squinkies and handbags! Included are the pretend purse (to store the figures) and three squishy characters, a girl, a puppy, and a big floppy pink hat.

4 Squinkies Jewelry Case - Royal Friends Surprise

Squinkies Jewelry Case - Royal Friends SurprisePrice: $7.99 at
What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess? This Squinkies set stores inside a sparkly pink crown, and includes three adorable figures — a princess, her pet, and her throne. Cute!

5 Squinkies Twisters - Gumball

Squinkies Twisters - GumballPrice: $12.99 at
This play set captures the essence of why these toys are so popular. Put in one of the plastic coins, turn the handle, and one of the bubbles containing a Squinkie pops out, just like a regular gumball machine! The set includes 5 or 6 Squinkies in their bubbles, 2 plastic “coins,” and the gumball machine (which flips open into a little house).

6 Squinkies Twisters - Teapot

Squinkies Twisters - TeapotPrice: $12.99 at
The teapot play set has the same idea as the gumball play set, only with a tea pot instead of a traditional gumball machine. This is the one my little girl has on her Christmas wish list. It’s so cute! I know we’ll have hours of fun playing with it.

7 Squinkies Deluxe Playset - Cupcake Surprize Bake Shop

Squinkies Deluxe Playset - Cupcake Surprize Bake ShopPrice: $19.99 at
This isn’t just a play SET, it’s a play HOUSE, loaded with so many figures and features, your little girls will be happily entertained for hours. The house folds out from a cupcake-themed machine that dispenses Squinkie-filled bubbles into a play house for them, and includes 9 bubbles. This would make an ideal “big” gift, one that’s sure to make her squeal with delight and make good on her promise to be good for a whole nother year.

8 Squinkies Deluxe Playset - Gumball Surprize Playhouse

Squinkies Deluxe Playset - Gumball Surprize PlayhousePrice: $19.99 at
This set is similar to the one above, only instead of a cupcake/bakery theme, it’s a gumball machine and playhouse. It also comes with 9 Squinkies in their bubbles. It keeps selling out, so it’s a little hard to find, but be persistent! Your little girl would love this!

Those are 8 of the cutest Squinkie sets available right now, and any of them would make a wonderful giggle-evoking gift or stocking stuffer. Extra Squinkies are available, too, to expand your little girl’s collection, but bear in mind they have tiny pieces, so they’re not for kids younger than three. Aren’t they cute? Which of these Squinkies sets do you think your little girl would like best, and why? Or is there another Squinkies toy she’s asked for?

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