7 Gifts That Look Expensive but Aren't ...


7 Gifts That Look Expensive but Aren't ...
7 Gifts That Look Expensive but Aren't ...

Buying gifts can be a total nightmare! Finding the balance between allure and economy is often difficult: you want to get your friends something really fab, but you don’t want to bankrupt yourself in the process. In order to help you girls out, I’ve put together a list of 7 gifts that look expensive but aren’t. Read on, ladies; your friends will thank you and so will your wallet!

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Wines Image source: data.whicdn.com

Wine is great gift, as long as the one you’re giving is a good one. It’s generally accepted that a cheap present is costs you less than $30 and, unfortunately, a great bottle will often set you back more than that. The secret here is clever shopping: either browse the internet for wine sales or visit a wine auction and pick up a case for peanuts!


Faux Antiques

Faux Antiques Image source: data.whicdn.com

While genuine antique jewellery will hit your wallet pretty hard, you can buy some beautiful replica pieces today and they’re invariably very reasonable. You might need to look around before you find the piece that exactly matches your budget and your expectations, but you’ll definitely be surprised by how cost-effective this kind of thing is.


Vintage Anything

Vintage Anything Image source: data.whicdn.com

The next time you’re gift shopping, don’t forget to hit the vintage shops. You’ll often find you can pick up real gems in the designer handbag line, and while buying clothes for other people can be tricky, you can hardly say no to a Dior dress that costs as much as a bag of groceries.


Designer Nick-Nacks

Designer Nick-Nacks Photo Credit: Kim Yokota

While we usually avoid brand names like the plague during an economy shop, you should browse through interior design boutiques. Often you’ll be able to get something small but gorgeous to suit your budget. Things like napkin rings, little ornaments and specialised coasters come in under $30, and if they’ve got the right name on them, any label-lover will be thrilled to be given them.


Luxury Chocolate

Luxury Chocolate Image source: data.whicdn.com

I don’t mean the foil-wrapped stuff you get in the supermarket. Find an independent patisserie or chocolatier where they hand make their own tasty treats and buy a few choice morsels for your sweet-toothed friends. The reason they don’t look cheap is usually because they aren’t, but if you’re only buying a few chocolates this gift will come in under budget. Make sure it’s beautifully wrapped for maximum effect!



Flowers Image source: data.whicdn.com

When in doubt, ladies, buy a gorgeous bouquet. Flowers can be very pricy so you need to make your selection with care. Remember that size doesn’t necessarily equal drama: get something small but gorgeous. No one could complain girls!


Gorgeous Glassware

Gorgeous Glassware Image source: dianasneighborhood.files.wordpress.com

A set of six simple champagne flutes won’t cost the earth, ladies and can be paired with a mini bottle of bubbly for added fun. Shop around at department stores dedicated to home décor – you’ll be surprised by how reasonable some potential gift material is. As with every other suggestion, it’s important to wrap your gorgeous glassware with care so make sure you have a little cash left over for beautiful paper and ribbons.

That’s my list of suggestions ladies. 7 gifts that look expensive but aren’t: do you have anything to add? Share your ideas; we’d all love to hear them!

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