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Quick! Without looking in your address book, see how many crazy cat ladies you have as friends. I just thought of four… and I know I have more crazy cat lady friends than that! I love them all, but they’re so hard to shop for! I just found a website that sells an entire line of products designed for the feline-friendly, though, and I’m tickled! Here are 7 great gifts for cat people (guys can be crazy about cats, too!)…

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Solar Animated Tiger Kitty

Solar Animated Tiger Kitty Price: $47.99 at perpetualkid.com
What kitty doesn’t like to nap in the sun? This one does, but it’s not out of typical kitty lassitude — it’s to keep his little solar panel charged, so he can move! Just a few minutes in a sunny window can set his little kitty tail a-wiggling… how cute is this? I love his little kawaii-cuteness expression, too.


Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Price: $9.99 at perpetualkid.com
We all have at least one burgeoning crazy cat lady in our circle of friends. Celebrate her passion for our feline friends with this really funny action figure. She measures just over five inches tall, and comes clad in a robe, with a wild (but possibly sweet?) look in her eye… and she also comes with six kitties! Meow!


Control a Cat Remote

Control a Cat Remote Price: $9.99 at perpetualkid.com
Your own cat may be too far aloof to be affected by this remote, but you’ll certainly enjoy it! The buttons order such actions as “stop molting,” “show affection” and “catch mice.” There’s also a pause button (for cat naps) and a volume control for kitty’s purring. This is so clever… I wish it worked!


Kitty Movie DVD

Kitty Movie DVD Price: $9.99 at perpetualkid.com
This 120-minute DVD will keep your indoor kitty entertained for hours. It features felines frolicking with fish and birds and butterflies… basically, all of a cat’s favorite things. It’s hilarious to see my boyfriend’s cat charge the TV screen to catch a bird… this DVD is particularly nice for single cats, or cats who are simply bored.


Cat Buddha Statue

Cat Buddha Statue Price: $15.99 at perpetualkid.com
Give the gift of little peace and serenity with this Buddha-inspired kitty, bedecked in a robe in a meditation position. He’s wise, but not aloof; kind but not overly affectionate — all of the things a kitty ought to be, if he can help it.


Kitty Keys Key Covers

Kitty Keys Key Covers Price: $4.99 at perpetualkid.com
Do you have difficulty determining which key on your ring is for your garage, the office, your kitty-condo? Then perhaps these key caps can help. Each one is a different bright, bold color with the face of a feline friend on it to help you tell one key from the other. Clever!


Crazy Cat Lady Board Game

Crazy Cat Lady Board Game Price: $19.99 at perpetualkid.com
This is sort of the cat version of Monopoly — rather than collecting high-rent properties, you collect cats, and whoever has the most at the end of the game wins! It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to spend time with your fellow crazy cat ladies!

Save this list for the next crazy cat lady birthday on your friends list… I love that board game (it looks like so much fun) and the action figure is hilarious! Which of these gifts do you think you would buy for the cat person in your life? Or, if you ARE a cat person, which would you like to receive? Do tell!

Top Photo Credit: Delores Vickery

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