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7 Special Surprises for Your Grandparents ...

By Mercy

Grandparents are special. Thy shower us with love and affection and ask for little in return. It feels really good to bring a smile on their faces and to make them happy and it takes such little effort. Here are some special surprises for your grandparents.

1 Surprise Them with a Visit

Very often, in the busy schedules of our lives, we find very little time for our families, especially our grandparents. One of the special surprises for your grandparents that you can plan is to visit them when they least expect it. They are likely to be overjoyed to see you and will pamper you to no end.

2 Send Them to Their Favorite Restaurant

If your grandparents live too far away and visiting them unexpectedly is not an option, send them a thoughtful card with coupons to their favorite restaurant. They will not only get an unexpected outing, but will think of you fondly for your thoughtfulness.

3 Send Them a Family Calendar

Get a blank calendar and post pictures of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren on each of the pages. Mark out all the important family dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Have the younger members of the family write out a message to them on every page. Old people often forget dates, but your calendar will ensure that your grandparents are a part of every important occasion in the family, even if they can’t be present.

4 Gift Them a ‘fun Box’

Find out what are the favorite activities of your grandparents. Then, create a ‘fun box’ that contains all the items required for that activity. This can be one of the best special surprises for your grandparents because they will think of you every time they indulge in their favorite hobby.

5 Make a Picture Collage

This can be another one of the special surprises for your grandparents. Old people cherish their memories and you can help them by creating photo collages. Create photo collages from their old pictures, or pictures of their children and grandchildren.

6 ‘Here’s My Life’ Video

Grandparents tend to feel disconnected from the lives of their grandchildren. Make a video of your life. Record your school, college or office environment, introduce your friends, show them a glimpse of your day and let them know that you think of them.

7 Volunteer with Them

Many grandparents involve themselves with charity work. If possible, volunteer with them. Not only will you be able to help the less privileged, you will be able to spend quality time with your grandparents. If volunteering is not possible, contribute to their favorite charity. Make your own certificate of appreciation for them for all the work they do.

These are just some of the special surprises for your grandparents. Let your imagination flow and come up with other ways to touch them and make them happy. They have lived a rich and full life and finding love, acceptance and belongingness is just a little of what they deserve.

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