10 Great Gifts for Your Mom ...


10 Great Gifts for Your Mom ...
10 Great Gifts for Your Mom ...

I love my mom more than anything. She is the most generous, selfless, giving woman I know. I love those qualities about her … but they make her impossible to buy for during the holidays! She never wants anything for herself, and I always want to get her things she will enjoy. Unless I can ferret out specific wishes, I am sometimes at a loss. So, here are 10 great gifts for your mom – even if she does make it really difficult to buy things for her!

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Whether she has a full house or an empty nest, moms still get stressed out. My mom works, cooks, takes care of her home and her husband, and still takes care of me even though I live in the next state. She totally gets stressed. If your mom is the same way, gifting her with a massage is a great idea. Let her get pampered without having to pay for it!



Not every mom is into manicures and pedicures, but a lot of them are. Again, this is a great way to pamper your mom, plus it will make her feel pretty. An alternative to this is to give her a manicure yourself; it will make for some great girl time with each other, and moms and daughters can always use more quality time.


Concert Tickets

If there is a concert, ballet, play, or what have you, that you know your mom has been dying to see, grab some tickets! You can set her up to go out with her girlfriends, her husband, the whole family, or again, it can be a fantastic mother/daughter activity. Just try to feel her out and figure out what she wants to see. Feel out everyone else too, so you know who else is interested in going. In other words, if your dad hates the ballet, don't plan on him agreeing to attend.


Photo Collage

This is a really affordable but highly personal gift. I am actually doing it right now. Print out recent photos of the family, get your hands on some old pictures, feature prominent memories, and put them together artistically in a pretty frame. Guaranteed to bring a tear to mom's eye, this is one of those wonderful, heartfelt gifts that will last a really long time.


Bath and Body Sets

This may not work for every mom, but it will for many. You just have to tailor it. For example, my mom loves body washes but rarely ever takes baths – she prefers the shower. So, body washes and lotions in her favorite scents are always a great idea. My mother-in-law to-be, however, adores long, hot baths, so bubble baths, bath bombs, beads, melts, and things like that, are always wonderful choices.


Shopping Spree

This could mean several things. You can take your mom shopping and buy her whatever she likes. You can buy her a gift card or certificate at her favorite store as well. If she's really hard to buy for, sometimes it's better to give her the means to pick out gifts herself, though. On a shopping spree, she can get whatever her heart desires – and if you go with her, then again, that's yet more time you can spend together.


Home Cooked Meal

Another thoughtful gift, this can be a really perfect choice. Sometimes togetherness is all your mom wants, and having her over by herself, with your dad, or with everybody in the family for a home cooked meal is a wonderful idea. If you want to go all out just for your mom, that's cool too. Make all her favorite foods, light some candles, and serve up the grub. That's always a welcome change!



Sending your mom on a trip to a place she's always wanted to see is a fantastic gift idea. The whole family can get in together on something like this as well. If you and your mom are very close, you can also take her on a trip. It can be tons of fun, you get to spend time together, and you're giving her something she'll really enjoy!



This one can be fun for both of you, if you decide to do it together. It might be as simple as getting your hair cut, styled, and/or colored, or you might go all out with a full-fledged makeover. Either way, this is another perfect pampering present, and can make for some wonderful binding time!


Personalized Presents

Anything personalized is always great, whether it's getting her engraved jewelry, or adding to a collection she loves. Personalizing presents is a special option for the gift giver and the recipient, because, well, it's personal. Whether it's a locket that says “I love you” or a picture of the whole family together, it's sure to be a winner.

I love going all out for my mom, and I'm hoping she loves her gifts this year. What's the best gift you ever gave your mom? What's the best present you've gotten as a mother?

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What great gift ideas! So many moms don't really need anything for herself, so giving her gifts like a home cooked meal or a shopping spree are great! Determine what your mom likes most. Does she treasure time with her kids (what mom doesn't)? Does she need some time to herself? Giving her something that would be the most enjoyable to her is the way to go.

<3<3 I'm so glad y'all liked this!

I think this is good advice. Very good advice. If i had that kind of money. I cant buy my mom a shopping spree or a vacation. but the other ideas were very helpful!

Got my mom an iPod Touch, now she brings it with her all the time while riding buses and trains

Great ideas. I would have never thought of the photo collage. So simple and so much meaning can be put into one.

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