8 Birthday Traditions from around the World ...

By Melanie

8 Birthday Traditions from around the World ...

I am always interested in what other countries do during Birthday’s, New Year’s and other events. Right now, I am going to tell you 8 Birthday traditions from around the world for children …

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8 Ghanan

Ghanan Image source: blog.ecards.co.uk

In Ghanan, on their birthday, the children wake up in the morning with a special treat they call “oto.” This is a patty that is made from eggs and sweet potato that has been fried in palm oil. Later, they hold a part where they usually consume rice and stew along with a dish called “kelewele.” Kelewele is fried plantain chunks. When the child turns one years of age, they believe this is an important event. The parents may tell the baby’s fortune by putting the baby in the center of some objects, like a doll, coins and a book. Then, they watch to see which object the baby tries to pick up. If the baby chose the coin, then he/she may be rich, if the baby reached for the doll, then he/she may have many children and if the baby reached for the book he/she may be a teacher.

7 China

China Image source: farm4.static.flickr.com

In China, if you give someone a clock for their birthday, then it is considered bad luck. In Mandarin, the word “clock” is similar to death. On another note, many believe tigers protect the children, so the family members may bring the newborn some gifts decorated with tigers.

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6 Indian

Indian Image source: farm5.static.flickr.com

On the 1st Birthday of a Hindu child, the head will be shaved by a special fire. By removing the hair, they are cleansing the child of evil from past lives. This tradition symbolizes the renewal of the soul. The child will wear colorful clothes to school and will give chocolates to the class. As a sign of respect, they will kneel and touch the parents feet.

5 Philippine

Philippine Image source: steamykitchen.com

Early, the family will go together to listen to Mass and thank God. The cakes are baked in different shapes in the Philippines. The celebration may also include some noodles. Noodles represent a long life. In the evening, the outside of the house will be decorated with blinking colored lights.

4 Australia

Australia Image source: heimwerker.de

Many Australians hold barbeques during Birthdays. The child may eat a dish known as “Fairy Bread.” This is a popular snack, which is buttered bread that has been covered with sprinkles call “hundreds and thousands.”

3 Germany

Germany Image source: dayswithdaniel.files.wordpress.com

On a child’s birthday in Germany, the dining table will have a wooden birthday wreath placed on it. The wreath will have small holes for candles as well as a candle holder in the center, which is known as the life-candle. The life-candle is a taller candle. The candle will be lit each year, until they reach the age of twelve. In Germany, if a many reaches the age of thirty and still does not have a girlfriend, then they will need to sweep the city halls stairs. All their friends will throw pebbles on the stairs. This way, the girls will see a man has reached the age of 30 and still does not have a girlfriend – and can clean house.

2 Russian

Russian Image source: moikompas.ru

Instead of having Birthday cake, many of the Russian children get a birthday pie. The greeting will be carved in the crust. Teachers tend to give gifts to the students on their birthday. The child will usually get to play a game that features a clothesline. They hang prizes on the clothesline and each guest will get to cut a prize down and keep it.

1 Muslm Communities Birthday Tradition

Muslm Communities Birthday Tradition Image source: legacyentries.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

In Muslim cultures, they thank Allah after the birth of a child by giving gifts to the poor. After the child has reached a week old, they will shave the head and the family will donate an amount of silver that is equal to the weight of the baby’s hair. After this ritual, the friends and family get together for a naming ceremony.

Those are 8 birthday traditions from around the world. So, what do you do on your child’s birthday?

Top Photo Credit: Meiguoxing

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first country is Ghana not ghanan. that's where I'm from.

I'm from Germany but I have never heard of the wreath thing. But the sweeping thing I've heard of. Mostly we get a cake with candles (as many as the child's age) and then blow them out at once and make a wish.

In India "Payesh/Payesam/Kheer"-a dessert prepared with rice, milk, sugar and nuts is served to the birthday person. Now-a-days birthday cakes are in fashion but traditional celebration of Indian Birthday is always incomplete without this dessert.

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