8 Birthday Traditions from around the World ...

I am always interested in what other countries do during Birthday’s, New Year’s and other events. Right now, I am going to tell you 8 Birthday traditions from around the world for children …

8. Ghanan

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In Ghanan, on their birthday, the children wake up in the morning with a special treat they call “oto.” This is a patty that is made from eggs and sweet potato that has been fried in palm oil. Later, they hold a part where they usually consume rice and stew along with a dish called “kelewele.” Kelewele is fried plantain chunks. When the child turns one years of age, they believe this is an important event. The parents may tell the baby’s fortune by putting the baby in the center of some objects, like a doll, coins and a book. Then, they watch to see which object the baby tries to pick up. If the baby chose the coin, then he/she may be rich, if the baby reached for the doll, then he/she may have many children and if the baby reached for the book he/she may be a teacher.

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