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8 Fun New Year's Customs from around the World ...

By Melanie

I always think it is neat to learn about other countries and what they do different from me here in America. I am always interested in learning about other countries. New Year’s is right around the corner and it has made me start thinking about other countries and how they celebrate New Year’s. So, I have decided to write a blog on 8 fun New Year’s customs from around the world …

8 Australia

New Year’s is celebrated on January 1st in Australia. This is a public holiday. Many individuals use this day to camp out and have picnics on the beach. Like Americans, their parties will start on December 31st. When it comes time to ring in the New Year, they start to make noise with car horns, whistles, rattles and even church bells.

7 Belgian

In Belgian, New Year’s Eve is known as Sint Sylvester Vooranvond. Individuals enjoy throwing parties. When the clock strikes midnight, they ring the New Year in by exchanging kisses and good luck greetings. New Year’s Day is known as Niuwjaarrsdag. On this day, children write letters on decorated paper and give them to their god parents and parents.

6 Austria

In Austria, they call New Year’s eve Sylverterabend. This is the Eve of Saint Sylvester. In honor of the saint, they make a punch that is spiced. During the celebration, you are going to find cool decorations and some champagne. By the firing of mororars, evil spirits from that year are chased off. Trumpets are blown from church towers during midnight and individuals exchange kisses.

5 France

The French New Year is known as Jour des Etrennes. During this time, dinner parties are attended by families. They even exchange presents during these dinner parties.

4 Great Britain

In Great Britain, the first guy to visit the house after the clock has hit 12 is supposed to be the one who is bringing good luck to the home. The man will bring a gift such as bread, coal or money. The first person must not be a woman and they must not be red-haired or blond as they are bad luck.

3 Germany

In Germany, in the cold waters, in order to tell the future, people drop molten lead. They can tell the future by the shape the lead makes. Food is left on the plate until after midnight on New Years. This is to ensure there will be a well stocked larder during the year.

2 South Africa

How is the New year rung in in this country? By church bells ringing and gunshots sounding off. On New Year’s Day in South Africa, the atmosphere is a lot like a carnival.

1 India

The different states in India celebrate the New Year on different date. However, the spirit of the celebration remains the same. Some states, especially the Hindu are known for celebrating diwali (the festival of lights). In India, on this day, the individuals worship goddess Lakshmi. This Goddess is believed to bring good fortune and wealth. In order to worship her, many lamps are lit. The individuals in Punjab use Baisakhi as their New Year. During this time, a fair is held and people will dance.

There you have 8 fun New Year’s customs from around the world. What about you? How do you celebrate New Year’s?

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