8 Cute Pieces of Reindeer Decor ...

Who doesn’t love a perky or rustic reindeer to help keep things festive during the holidays? Of course I don’t mean an actual real-life reindeer (that could be messy!) — I’m talking about cute or artsy reindeer décor! If you love them, too, keep reading! Here are 8 great pieces of reindeer décor, perfect for decorating during the holiday season.

1. Metal Reindeer with Bow

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Price: $12.95 at coldwatercreek.com
This stout little reindeer has obviously taken a diet cue from Santa, and he has the waistline to prove it! No matter, though, he has an entire season’s worth of sleight-pulling training to get him back in shape… or I suppose he could hang out on your mantel, bookcase, or shelf instead, just to add some holiday cheer…

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