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5 Beautiful Velvet Pieces to Have...

By Meream

1 Pouffy Skirt

This short skirt that Rhiannon is wearing looks holiday perfect. Pair it with black pantyhose like she did here and you'd look stunning instantly.

2 Red Shoes

Hmm I don't have velvet shoes. I should get me a pair or two. Check out the link for a cheap pair. I bet you'd be able to use them in one of your upcoming parties.

3 Blazer

If you're attending a formal event that will require traveling through the cold, a velvet blazer will serve you well. How rich does this brown one look?

4 Pants

I know I can't wear velvet pants where I live because it's warm here all year. But perhaps you can rock them out? If you don't feel like dressing up for your holiday parties, a pair of velvet pants will be a great idea.

5 Rouge

Well this one is not actual velvet but more velvet-inspired. If you want lipstick inspired by the rich velvet drapes of the Baroque period, this is your perfect choice.

Do you love velvet? Is there a velvet item in your closet that you wear often? Tell us about it!

Top Photo Credit: Rhiannon

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