10 Best IPod Accessories ...

I absolutely love my iPod! I’m a music fanatic and it’s wonderful to be able to listen to whatever I want, whenever I want! It’s particularly grand when I’m at the gym, where the music is awful dance-club/muscle-head… and with a new range of iPod accessories, you can do even more with it, and listen just about anywhere! Here’s my list of the best accessories for the iPod…

1. Skullcandy Ink’d Paul Frank Black/White Ear Buds

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Price: $21.95 at skullcandy.com
I go through ear buds at an alarming rate. The cheap ones break too soon, and I always ends up losing the pricier ones. But these are so cool, there’s no way I’ll wreck, destroy, misplace, or lose them! I love the black-and-white color scheme, and the signature Paul Frank skull and crossbones detail on each bud. They’re also available in other colors, in case you want something girlier!

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