Top 10 Hipster Accessories ...


Top 10 Hipster Accessories ...
Top 10 Hipster Accessories ...

I'm sure you've seen them around town, those young people with the somehow dorky, but fashionable outfit, coke-bottle glasses and a Gameboy Colour in tow? Yes, they are hipsters, and although you may not like the overall style or feel of the fashion, they do have some cool accessories. Here are the top ten hipster accessories that you can wear in their style, or adapt to your own.

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The Glasses

Now this is dangerous territory, because if you get the glasses wrong then you can look pretty silly. The trick to wearing those standard hipster glasses is make sure there is glass in the frames! It looks really ridiculous when someone is wearing glasses and the frames are empty, so get one with glass or plastic that is not designed to correct eyesight and you'll be fine. Avoid getting one that is prescribed by an optometrist, because if your eyes are fine and you wear vision-correcting glasses all the time then you can ruin your eyesight. Just get plain glass or plastic and you'll be right. The most popular glasses are the black-rim, “coke bottle” style glasses - something you can imagine a kid wearing and getting bullied for (as horrible as that is)! However for ladies there are also colourful frames, with red being the next most popular.


The “Loser” Hat

Do you remember that movie Loser? You know the dorky hat that guy wears? Ok well not only is his hat totally fashionable in the hipster movement, but so is his whole outfit! Rummage around in your draw to find that knitted ear-flap hat your nanna made and wear it with pride! If you haven't got a snow hat to wear, then a truckie cap tilted up will do just fine!


Button-down Shirts

A staple in the hipster style is the button down shirt. I'm calling it an accessory because half the time you actually can't see the shirt underneath all the other random junk, but it's there and it's a big part of the style. If you can bear you have it buttoned up all the way to the top then you're off to a good start on channelling the hipster style.


Kitsch Jewellery

Or kitsch anything for that matter! And you thought a Hello Kitty hairpin would only look good on a five-year-old girl? Well, bizarrely enough, kitsch jewellery and accessories have made a huge comeback in this particular wave of hipster fashion, so if you have anything like big 60s plastic hoop earrings, or plastic bead necklaces then wear them! Heck, anything made of plastic will do when it comes to the hipster look.


Brogues or “Otherwise Unspecified Nanna Shoes”

That's right, old lady shoes are cool. Think low height heels, brogues, anything with laces! These are the preferred she of the hipster when they're not wearing Vans or printed Converse, and you can subtly work the nanna shoes into your every day outfits.


Patterned Tights

The wackier, the better! Kiss loving goodbye to your plain black opaque tights, or those ever-faithful nude sheer stockings, hipster is embracing a very different kind of leg-wear. It's not necessarily the torn look that punk goes for, but torn can work if done in a very “this is intentional and fashionable” type way. Think more lace patterns, or leggings designed for children such as those with cute animal prints, or a Disney theme. I don't know how well you can incorporate this into an otherwise mainstream outfit, but if you do, please post pics!


The Scarf

Ah yes, the hipster scarf. If it has pockets, sweet, grab it! If it's an unusual colour theme for plaid, awesome, grab that too! Scarves are very much in for hipsters, and as the weather warms up you can keep wearing them, just get a lace type. For our men the scarves are in too, so for a cute weekend project, see if you can get him to wear one!


Slouchy Cardigan

If it looks like something your grandma wore thirty years ago then it will work for a hipster outfit. The nice thing about the slouchy cardigan is that it's so easy to work in to a normal outfit. Imagine your usual jeans, top, cute booties... and now add an over-sized, lazy-looking knitted cardigan. Voila!


Printed T-Shirts

In all honesty I think the hipster band shirts are pretentious. In fact, I think most of their printed “statement” tees are pretty pretentious too! So if you see something that makes you cringe and think how try-hard it is, then you've found a hipster t-shirt! Wear it with your usual jeans or try it with just tights and 'vintage looking' or denim shorts underneath. If you want to have a full-on hipster outfit, add some brogues or army boots.


Tie and Bow-Tie

Quirky ties are a big thing in the current hipster trend, especially ones with sneaky little in-jokes or something a bit unusual on them. For example, a tie that looks like a computer's motherboard is a total win for a hipster accessory. Similarly, bow-ties are very popular for men, and slowly women are picking them up too, but this one's a bit harder to work into your usual look.

Now be warned, although hipster accessories can be cool and a cute way to shake up your outfit, combining too many token hipster items may put you at risk of mockery, such as the people in the video “Being a D**k-Head Is Cool”. Here's the link if you want to figure out what to avoid! Do you have a fab Hipster accessory from my list? Please let me know!

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