7 Cute Eyeglass Frames for Women ...


7 Cute Eyeglass Frames for Women ...
7 Cute Eyeglass Frames for Women ...

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7, and though I often wear contact lenses, I still love the way I look in glasses! I’m always on the lookout for a new pair, and though I have several already, I’ve just found a bunch I adore at LensCrafters. Oh, joy! Here are 7 cute eyeglass frames for us women, with a style and color for every pretty face!

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Tory Burch TY2002

Tory Burch TY2002 Price: $207.00 at lenscrafters.com
These butterfly-shaped frames come in two colors, black with silver accents or tortoiseshell with gold. Both are made of durable plastic and are ideal for women with a funkier, edgier style. They’re casual and fun, aren’t they?


Versace VE1168H

Versace VE1168H Price: $280.00 at lenscrafters.com
Versace is a label associated with high fashion and cutting-edge Italian design, so why wouldn’t they make these eye-catching, head-turning frames? They’re available in pink, gold, or brown, with wire rims and wide arms with a gold-tone Versace emblem.


Tiffany & Co. TF2024

Tiffany & Co. TF2024 Price: $320.00 at lenscrafters.com
Who knew Tiffany made eyeglass frames? Now that I’ve seen them I love them! These frames are classic, with a flattering rectangle shape, in three neutral color choices: tortoiseshell, tan, and black. Each has a round Tiffany detail on the arm, in either silver or gold.


Anne Klein AK8021

Anne Klein AK8021 Price: $169.95 at lenscrafters.com
Oh my gosh, I love love LOVE the little spark of blue on these frames! The overall color is sleek, chic black, but hints of blue are liberally applied to make these a must-have! They’re also available in tortoiseshell, but these ones are amazing!


Burberry BE2055

Burberry BE2055 Price: $220.00 at lenscrafters.com
Channel your inner indie nerd in these hip, thick frames by Burberry. They’re available in classic brown or rich burgundy, both with a metal Burberry charm in each arm. If Buddy Holly were alive today, perhaps he’d be wearing something like these.



DKNY DY4561 Price: $169.95 at lenscrafters.com
If you’re not quite bold enough to try the Burberry frames, but you still want the chunky-funky look, give these a go! They have the same urban chic, available in black or tortoiseshell. They’d also make great prescription sunglass frames!


Ralph Lauren RL5032

Ralph Lauren RL5032 Price: $239.00 at lenscrafters.com
Here’s another pair of butterfly frames, these in sleek gunmetal grey metal, elegant, graceful, and timeless. They’re ideal for a girl with preppy style, and since they’re a neutral silver, they can be worn by any woman with any complexion or eye color.


Dolce & Gabbana DD1173

Dolce & Gabbana DD1173 Price: $179.95 at lenscrafters.com
I’ve always had a thing for cat’s eye eyeglass frames, and these ones by Dolce & Gabbana are to die for! They’re available in classic black or tortoiseshell, with the D&G logo on each arm. They’re retro-inspired but updated, all modern chic!

No matter what face shape you have, or what style you make your own, there’s bound to be at least one pair of glasses frames in my list that tickles your fancy! I adore that last pair, but which do you like best, and why? Do share!

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Red frames are not bad either :) Always love them

I can only afford to get one set of glasses. So I need to have an all occasion set of glasses. Later I will make a stronger fashion statement. #7 Ralph Lauren RL5032 are my first choice

#2 and D&G frame.

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