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7 Gorgeous Duvets from Urban Outfitters ...

By Jennifer

If you want to update your bedroom and give it a new look without spending a fortune, try using a new duvet cover! They’re easy to swap out, and are usually pretty inexpensive. They have some gorgeous ones at Urban Outfitters, too, all of them ideal for making your room look fresh and new without breaking your budget. Here are 8 pretty duvet covers from Urban Outfitters.

1 Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover

Waterfall Ruffle Duvet CoverPrice: $128.00 to $148.00 at
Finally, a fancy frilly duvet cover that’s machine washable and comes in a color I like! This duvet is made of cotton voile and you can choose from white, grey, pale pink, or (my favorite) lush purple. It comes in two sizes, too: full/queen (86” x 86”) or twin/XL twin (90” x 66”). There’s also a matching pillow sham, sold separately. How feminine!

2 Antique Floral Duvet Cover

Antique Floral Duvet CoverPrice: $78.00
This duvet cover is bright and cheerful, perfect for bringing a spot of sunshine to even the greyest winter day. It’s not as soft as I would like (it only has a 200 thread count) but it’s so pretty, I included it on my list anyway. And what do you expect for the price?

3 Stamped Rose Batik Duvet Cover

Stamped Rose Batik Duvet CoverPrice: $78.00 at
This simple, elegant black-and-white rose-printed duvet cover comes in one size only (full/queen), but it’s gorgeous. It’s exclusive to Urban Outfitters online, and the matching shams are sold separately. I’d use this duvet with bright blue or yellow throw pillows and other room décor.

4 Gathered Ruffle Duvet Cover

Gathered Ruffle Duvet CoverPrice: $128.00 at
How gorgeous! This duvet would be perfect bedding for a princess, especially in the creamy white or dove grey colors. It’s gathered at the edges, and is made of dreamy-soft hand-washable polyester. I wish this came in pink!

5 Wild Poppy Bouquet Duvet Cover

Wild Poppy Bouquet Duvet CoverPrice: $78.00 at
I love the stark simplicity of this duvet, mostly done in black and white with one glorius bold pop of a poppy. It’s made of 100% cotton, and is available in one size (full/queen). Note that there aren’t any matching hams available but don’t worry. Add a few black or grey shams, plus some black-and-white floral print throw pillows, and your room will look fabulous!

6 Birdie Stamp Duvet Cover

Birdie Stamp Duvet CoverPrice: $68.00 to $78.00 at
This duvet cover is done in a pretty green print with strategically perched yellow and blue birds. It’s made of 100% cotton, and is hand washable. It comes in two sizes (full/queen and twin/XL: twin) and would look so pretty in a vintage-inspired natural-wood room.

7 Sunshine Duvet Cover

Sunshine Duvet CoverPrice: $68.00 to $78.00 at
Finally, a duvet cover a boy wouldn’t be afraid to share! It’s a unisex pattern, made of 200 thread count cotton, available in two sizes. This duvet would look great in a room with retro soda signs and sun-bleached accessories.

Can you envision your room, redesigned with one of these gorgeous duvet covers? I especially love the Wild Poppy one, but they’re all pretty, and there’s one to fit almost any budget and style! Which of these duvet covers from Urban Outfitters do you like best, and what bedroom theme would it fit? Do share!

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