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A strategically-placed wall mirror can add brightness and depth to any room, as well as compliment the décor… and give you a place to apply your lip gloss. There are so many styles to choose from, too, from stark utilitarian to rich rococo. I’ve been looking for a new one for my foyer, and have found so many ones I’d love to have. Here are 7 gorgeous wall mirrors, in every size, shape and style imaginable.

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Tulip Tree Mirror

Tulip Tree Mirror Price: $348 at anthropologie.com
Look at that beautiful, eco-friendly you! This mirror by Stray Dog Designs is made of recycled cement bags, covered in papier-mâché, and painted with low-VOC paint. But you’d never know its humble industrial beginnings, for it’s simply gorgeous, organically-inspired and ideal for hanging in your foyer or bathroom. It’s circular in shape, and measures 24” across.


Venus Mirror

Venus Mirror Price: $2,898 at anthropologie.com
Her beauty was legendary, second to none, like this mirror, surrounded by rows and rows of worshipful oyster shells. They fan out in a circle, loaning their translucent shells to this paean to Venus’s beauty and love. Celebrate the beauty around you with this mirror, which includes all of the hardware you’ll need to hang it in a quiet corner of your own urban shrine to her glory.


Organic Rococo Mirror

Organic Rococo Mirror Price: $398 at anthropologie.com
Perhaps your décor could use a little rococo splendor, especially your entryway, the first room of your home your guests experience. This gorgeous mirror is made of dark acacia wood in loose swirls and elegant twirls in the rich rococo tradition.


Reflecting Pool Mirror

Reflecting Pool Mirror Price: $168 at anthropologie.com
Though not two of these pretty square-shaped mirrors are identical, they’re all equally sweet, surrounded by a frame of green and pink ceramic tiles and daintily carved mango wood. Add it to your dressing room, or a little girl’s room, to add a little light and color.


Coat of Arms Mirror

Coat of Arms Mirror Price: $198 at anthropologie.com
I can trace the deep roots of my family tree to 1432 A.D. in England, and since there’s no record I can find of it, I often wonder what our family coat of arms looked like. Was it elegant and bold, like this mirror, etched at the edges with a vintage-inspired motif? This mirror is suitable for display in any room of your home, including the den, above the mantel, next to the family crest… or in lieu of one.

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Standing Medallion Mirror

Standing Medallion Mirror Price: $348 at anthropologie.com
Pay homage to the Sun God, or just celebrate the summer any time you like with this rustically gorgeous sun-shaped mirror, complete with a shelf beneath for lighting a candle or holding your keys and wallet (or other treasures). It’s made of sturdy iron and sleek glass, perfect for an entryway.


Pieces of Yesterday Mirror

Pieces of Yesterday Mirror Price: $168 at anthropologie.com
Colorful vintage ceramic tiles decorate the edges of this square mirror, all unique, all pretty, with different colors and patterns. Because they’re made of one-of-a-kind reclaimed tiles, no two mirrors will be exactly the same, but indeed that’s part of their charm!

Though any of these wall mirrors would make an interesting conversation piece, or simply a lovely addition to your bedroom, you only have so many walls on which to hang them, so you must exhibit self-control and only choose one or two of them to covet… though I must say, I’m having difficultly narrowing my choices. Which of these beautiful wall mirrors do you like best, and where would you hang it?

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I'm drooling over the organic Rococo mirror!:)

love all...but so expensive!

thanks for including the tulip tree mirror in your beautiful selection!


I saw a similar mirror (but square-shaped) of the Tulip Tree Mirror in a boutique and just loved it. Fell in love with so much that I am inspired to do my own version of the mirror for my girl's room. Glad I saw it here - and thanks for including it in the list!

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