8 Trendy Color Combinations for Your Wall ...


8 Trendy Color Combinations for Your Wall ...
8 Trendy Color Combinations for Your Wall ...

You want a new, fresh paint combination for your room, but you feel at a loss on which colors to choose. It can be overwhelming because today there are so many combinations! So how do you choose? Here a several of my favorite colors. Trendy, fun, and perfect for a new season!

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Deep Colors with Light Accents

Deep Colors with Light Accents Photo Credit: sambo in netanya

Be dark and mysterious with deep colors such as eggplant mixed with accents of either cream, pale blue, or marigold!


Classic Black and White

Classic Black and White Photo Credit: baliboro

Stay stylish with a simple black and white combination.

You can either have white walls with black accents or black walls with white accents. Choosing either of these options will give you the chic look of a New York apartment!


Go All Girl

Go All Girl Photo Credit: Kate Hoffman

Bring out your girly side with bright, flirty colors like pink, green, yellow and orange. This is perfect for your little girl’s bedroom. No little girl? Go wild in your sewing room, study, office, or even your laundry room.


Go Green

Love the outdoors? Live earthy with rich natural colors such as browns, greens, dark blues and slate. These colors are calming and relaxing and make the ideal choice for a living room, family room, or den.


Modern Vibe

Modern Vibe Photo Credit: meliebelle

Are you drawn to the more modern color combinations? Try cinnamon, and accent with your choice of aqua or wine. You will definitely add some pop to your kitchen. Paint the walls cinnamon and use aqua curtains.


Be Neutral

Want a quiet relaxing room? Go for neutrals with pale colors like buttercup, baby pink, dusty blue and dove gray. I like these colors on a screened in porch. Also peaceful in your baby’s nursery.


Country is Back

Country is Back Photo Credit: Enrico Webers

"Country French" is the name for a color palette consisting of mustard, rust and indigo. Put a twist on country with these fabulous colors. In my next decorating adventure, these are the colors for my kitchen.


Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Photo Credit: rightside

Brown matches so many colors. Of course, you can go with the retro choices of brown and pink, or brown and aqua. Brown is truly unique with cream and sag green. Sophisticated, yet exciting!

Colors in your house set the mood of a room. If you need some zip and fun, use bright colors. When the mood needs calming effects, use soft colors. Your house can be the house of your dreams! Which colors are you going to use?

Top Photo Credit: Feeling Croppy

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