7 IKEA Pieces to Furnish Your Studio for about $500 ...

You’ve finally left your parent’s house, either to go to college or after you’ve graduated, and you’ve found the perfect studio apartment. You’re not going to bring the bunk-beds you’ve been sharing with your sister since you were ten, are you? You’re a grown-up now, and you want to furnish your studio all on your own… but wait. You’re on a very limited budget… so now what? No worries! Scrape together only $500, borrow your father’s pick-up truck, and head to IKEA, where you can buy these 7 pieces to completely furnish your studio!

1. IKEA Beddinge Lövås

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Price: $249.00 at ikea.com
This super-comfy, modern-looking couch has a secret — it’s actually a very versatile bed! Pull it flat and it’s a roomy full-sized bed, but fold away your sheets and blanket and it’s a couch! You can even choose a cover, and matching (or contrasting) throw pillows in lots of colors and prints.

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