8 Adorable Mushroom Accessories ...


8 Adorable Mushroom Accessories ...
8 Adorable Mushroom Accessories ...

When I was little, my mother collected little mushroom accessories for every room in our house, and I would spend hours playing with them, making mini forests for my pretend deer and squirrels and bears. Every time I see a cute tote bag, apron, or peppermill with a mushroom motif, I think fondly back to my mother’s collection and take a quick trip back through time. And I’ve been seeing these little portabellas and porcinis everywhere lately, and have considered starting my own collection. To get me started, here are 8 adorable mushroom accessories…

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For Richer or Porcini Bag

For Richer or Porcini Bag Price: $64.99 at modcloth.com
This roomy canvas and faux leather tote by Crowded Teeth has a lot to offer a girl, from its pretty leafy-lined interior to its mushroom-covered exterior. There’s even a matching wallet available, if you’re so inclined, featuring the same sweet smiling mushrooms.


Enchant-erelle Tote Bag

Enchant-erelle Tote Bag Price: $29.99 at modcloth.com
Add another choice to the age-old question: paper, plastic, or porcini? For this polyester tote folds easily into its little shroom-shaped coin purse, perfect for tossing in your handbag for last-minute shopping trips and planned bargain-hunting excursions. I love the vibrant red-and-white color scheme!


Garden Friends Earring Set

Garden Friends Earring Set Price: $13.99 at modcloth.com
Why buy just one pair of adorable post earrings, when you can have six? All six pairs are made of gold-tone metal and enamel, and each feature a different woodland or garden friend, from two darling mushrooms to a pair of brown squirrels to a couple of clever gnomes. Wear each pair together, or mix and match for a little more fun!


Mushroom Kingdom Eraser Pot

Mushroom Kingdom Eraser Pot Price: $4.99 at modcloth.com
We all make mistakes, but now we can mitigate the misery of a misplaced pencil mark with these colorful little mushroom erasers, housed together in a pink-and-white pot. The set would look lovely on your desk, and contains 8 tiny erasers in purple, pink, blue, and green.


Shining Shiitake Lamp Set

Shining Shiitake Lamp Set Price: $17.99 at modcloth.com
Press the tops of these delightful little mushrooms to see them shine — literally! The set contains 3 touch-lamps, ideal for adding a little woodland charm to a room, either clustered together or spread about. Don’t forget the AAA and AA batteries!

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A Little Bit More-l Handle

A Little Bit More-l Handle Price: $7.99 at modcloth.com
Add a little bit of fungi flair to that vintage side table you found at the flea market last weekend with these adorable little wooden knobs by Pakhuis Oost. They measure 2 ¼ inch across and tall, and include all of the hardware you need to mount them. And they’re so adorable, all in red with white stems and dots!


Mushroom for Change Bank

Mushroom for Change Bank Price: $29.99 at modcloth.com
Perhaps once you’ve mounted your pudgy portabella mushroom knobs on that vintage end table, you’ll place this matching coin bank on top, with or without a doily underneath. It’s made of the same brilliantly painted wood, with a sweet little birdie perched on top. What a great way to save your pennies and add a little whimsical charm to a room!


Something is Brewing in the Woods Mug

Something is Brewing in the Woods Mug Price: $27.99 at modcloth.com
This adorable ceramic mugs hold generous amounts of cocoa, tea, or coffee, with a lid on top to keep everything warm and even a tea strainer in case that’s your drink of choice. Look closely and you’ll notice the set resembles a mushroom, with its spotted top and leaf-printed mug. What a sweet way to enjoy your morning beverage!

With so many adorable mushroom accessories for your home, and your closet, maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own collection, too! I really want to order that tea mug for my mother (I know she’d love it) and that tote bag for myself! Which of these mushroom-inspired accessories do you like best?

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ohhhhh....cute earrings and erasers.

These are so adorable! I love the erasers.

The bag on number 1 is a keeper. I want! :)

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