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8 Gorgeous Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups ...

By Jennifer

As any lover of coffee or tea can tell you, the best parts of the drink are your hands on the warm mug, the aroma of the brew… and of course the first sip of the heavenly concoction inside the mug. I love giving and receiving coffee and tea cups, and the best ones always seem to come from Anthropologie, one of my favorite house wares and gift stores. Here are 8 gorgeous coffee mugs and tea cups, all of them ideal for gift-giving.

1 Oresund Mug

Oresund Mug Price: $12.00 at
This pretty 10-ounce stoneware mug is available in four gorgeous hues, with a creamy white outside and bold, beautiful prints and a richly colored bowl and handle. They’re all dishwasher and microwave safe, and even when you choose more than one color, they all still coordinate.

2 Monogrammed Mug, Missus

Monogrammed Mug, Missus Price: $6.00 at
Choose almost any initial, and this mug will arrive bearing it boldly and beautifully. They’re made of white porcelain with black motifs, and hold 9 ounces. They’re all dishwasher and microwave safe, and are available with nearly any initial you wish. And the price can’t be beat!

3 Pinched Mosaic Mug

Pinched Mosaic Mug Price: $14.00 at
This may be the mug for me, holding a generous 12 ounces of my favorite tea (Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea) with a pretty design around the outside of the rim and along the short pedestal base. I love the texture of the mug, and the pretty mosaic pattern on the inside. Choose from four colors: red, orange, yellow, or blue.

4 From the Deep Cup & Saucer

From the Deep Cup & Saucer Price: $14.00 at
This gorgeous cup and saucer set matches the other sea-creature motif objects in the line, and features a swirling tentacle intent on cradling your cup. The saucer measures 6 inches across, and the cup holds boasts a suction-cupped handle. I love it! It’s so unique!

5 Butterfly Study Mug

Butterfly Study Mug Price: $10.00 at
So pretty, so delicate, so perfect for gift-giving! A troop of fluttery butterflies flits across the cup, grazing on azaleas. It’s made of stoneware, much hardier than it looks, so it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

6 Fleur De Lys Cup & Saucer

Fleur De Lys Cup & Saucer Price: $10.00 at
I adore this collection, very elegant and graceful, inspired by vintage tea sets. The cup and saucer are white-washed and graceful, with ruffled edges and a singular Fleur de Lys. The set is stoneware and coordinates beautifully with the monogram collection, too.

7 Kebaya Mug

Kebaya Mug Price: $12.00 at
These mugs remind me of the Spain, Tuscany, and Rome, with bright colors faded slightly by the sun. The patterns are rich mosaics, the mugs available in four rich, vibrant colors. Each holds 13 ounces.

8 Perched and Patterned Mug

Perched and Patterned Mug Price: $14.00 at
Three brilliant colors, each adorning one tall, shapely mug with a stand-up pedestal and a roomy handle. Each mug holds 6 ounces, and measures 5 inches tall. I think the blue is the prettiest, but the orange and red are cheery and pretty, too!

Of all the tea cups and coffee mugs out there, in all of the trendy and over-priced shops, these are my favorites, all reasonably priced and so pretty, you won’t be able to decide whether to keep them or give them as gifts. Which of these mugs do you like best? And what do you prefer to put in them?

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