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9 Sexy Pairs of Sunglasses ...

By Jennifer

I love sunglasses, and I wear them year-round. I’m always looking to add to my collection, and my recent favorites are all from the Tiffany catalog. They’re all gorgeous, and they come in so many styles and colors, I can’t help myself — I always seem to be saving for a new pair! Here are 9 sexy pairs of sunglasses…

1 Tiffany Keys Aviator Sunglasses

Tiffany Keys Aviator SunglassesPrice: $250 at
I love aviator sunglasses, and these are my new favorites. They’re a gorgeous brown with tortoiseshell arms and antique-inspired keys at the temples. They provide 100% UV protection and are anti-glare coated.

2 Tiffany Moonstone Rectangular Sunglasses

Tiffany Moonstone Rectangular SunglassesPrice: $500 at
Moonstones are so dreamy, so luminous, so romantic! These sunglasses feature a moonstone at each side, surrounded by glittering Austrian crystals, set in sleek black acetate frames with blue accents.

3 Return to Tiffany™ Butterfly Sunglasses

Return to Tiffany™ Butterfly SunglassesPrice: $220 at
These butterfly-shaped glasses flatter every face, and feature a heart-shaped silver-colored “Return to Tiffany” embellishment at the temples. The frames are a sleek black acetate and the lenses are anti-glare coated and provide 100% UV protection for your precious peepers.

4 Return to Tiffany™ Aviator Sunglasses

Return to Tiffany™ Aviator SunglassesPrice: $220 at
If you love the “Return to Tiffany” embellishment but prefer the modern, sleek look of aviator glasses, these are the sexy specs for you! They’re all shiny silver and inky black, and they also provide 100% UV protection.

5 Tiffany Notes Rectangular Sunglasses

Tiffany Notes Rectangular SunglassesPrice: $320 at
The graceful Tiffany Notes line is inspired by the elegant handwritten script used on wedding invitations, and this pair of violet-hued sunglasses has the pretty silver-colored Tiffany Notes embellishment at the temples. I love the shape of the frames, and the violet is such a gorgeous color! These are priced a little more than I usually like to spend on sunglasses, but they’re so pretty, they’re worth it!

6 Tiffany Somerset™ Square Sunglasses

Tiffany Somerset™ Square SunglassesPrice: $290 at
These frames are casual, perfect for vacation, with glittering gold-colored embellishments at the sides and rich brown tortoiseshell acetate frames. Like all of the other sexy sunglasses in the Tiffany catalog, they provide 100% UV protection and are anti-glare coated.

7 Tiffany Charms round Sunglasses

Tiffany Charms round SunglassesPrice: $320 at
If you like to change your sunglasses with your mood, these pretty round sunglasses are ideal — they come with three interchangeable charms to add to the holder on the side, a Tiffany “T” charm, an 1837™ charm and a classic Tiffany Blue® enamel charm. The frames are black acetate with Tiffany Blue® accents. So whimsical!

8 Tiffany Signature™ Aviator Sunglasses

Tiffany Signature™ Aviator SunglassesPrice: $250 at
These aviator glasses are very similar to the ones from the “Return to Tiffany” collection, but they features the signature “X” on the arms instead of the “Return to Tiffany” embellishment. They’re elegant, classic, and sporty, perfect for driving!

9 Tiffany Voile Rectangular Sunglasses

Tiffany Voile Rectangular SunglassesPrice: $380 at
These sunglasses feature thick brown tortoiseshell frames with a gorgeous silver-colored embellishment at the sides. The embellishment is styled after the elegant “Voile” jewelry pieces, with glittering crystals in an intricate pattern. So pretty!

Aren’t all of these sunglasses sexy? I love them all! But I think I like the aviators the best — they’re so chic and modern! Which of these sunglasses do you like best, and why? Or is there another pair, or style, you prefer?

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