7 Great Contact Lens Cases ...

I love wearing contacts instead of glasses, but there is one thing about wearing glasses I miss: the cute carrying cases. Sure, I can still use a cute case for m sunglasses, but have you seen how boring and utilitarian most contact lens cases are? I’ve been searching for a new case for my contact lenses, one that’s a little more stylish, or at least more interesting, and here’s what I’ve found. Here are 7 great contact lens cases.

1. 3-Tier Eyeglass & Contact Lens Case Kit

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Price: $9.95 at amazon.com
This contact case may not look like much from the outside (boring!), but inside, it’s perfect for a gal with a slight form of OCD (like me!). It has two compartments, one for glasses, one for contacts, and the side for contacts comes with everything you could possibly need: a case, two vials for solution, and mirror, and even a pair of tweezers. The somewhat hinky faux leather comes in two colors, sleek black and racy red.

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