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7 Best Contact Lens Solutions ...

By Jennifer

As a contact lens wearer myself, I know how important it can be to find just the right solution. If you get the wrong one, you’ll end up with dry, irritated eyes, and that’s a hassle no-one enjoys. Everyone’s eyes are different, so it can be a bit tricky to find the right solution. But I can help! In my 20 years of wearing contacts, I’ve used so many solutions… and here are the ones I’ve thought were best! Here are the 7 best contact lens solutions.

1 AQuify Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses

AQuify Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact LensesPrice: $8.99 at
This solution is perfect for a contact lens wearer on the go, someone who doesn’t have time to soak their lenses for 4-6 hours. With this solution, you simply rub and rinse your lenses, soak them for 5 minutes, and you can wear them again. This set comes with one 12 ounce bottle, one 3 ounce travel-sized bottle, and a free lens case.

2 Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multipurpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses

Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multipurpose Solution for Soft Contact LensesPrice: $15.99 at
This is my own favorite contact lens solution. It’s pH balanced to be just like our own natural tears, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive or dry eyes. Some users have complained that it leaves dry spots on their lenses during storage, but I’ve never experienced that. I love it! By the way, if it seems a little pricey, don’t worry — this price is for a 2-pack of 10 ounce bottles.


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3 Opti-Free RepleniSH Multi-Purpose Disinfection Solution

Opti-Free RepleniSH Multi-Purpose Disinfection SolutionPrice: $19.99 at
This is the solution I used, and loved, for years before I switched to Biotrue. I liked it because it’s so convenient — the protein removers work without rubbing, so you could just soak your lenses overnight and go. This box contains two 300mL bottles, so you can see, it’s a good value for a great solution.

4 Unisol 4 Preservative Free Saline Solution

Unisol 4 Preservative Free Saline SolutionPrice: $7.99 at
If you prefer to use heat cleaning, then this is the solution you’ll want for rinsing before and after that process. It’s preservative-free, which means less eye irritation, but which also means you should discard the bottle 30 days after opening, no matter how much is left.

5 Clear Care No Rub Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution

Clear Care No Rub Cleaning & Disinfecting SolutionPrice: $8.99 at
I like this solution because it contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, so you can actually SEE it cleaning! The little bubbles mean it’s breaking down and removing protein from your lenses, and it rinses clean so you can wear your lenses comfortably, longer.

6 Unique PH Multi-Purpose Solution

Unique PH Multi-Purpose SolutionPrice: $9.89 at
For anyone who wears rigid gas permeable contact lenses, this is a must-try solution. It combines the cleansing, rinsing, and storage solutions all in one bottle, and it’s designed to mimic your own tears, so it won’t dry or irritate your eyes. It’s also guaranteed, so if you’re not happy with it, you can return it for a full refund.

7 Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution for Soft Contact Lenses

Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution for Soft Contact LensesPrice: $4.79 at
This is the ideal solution for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes. It’s sterile and extra-gentle, with no potassium, which some lens wearers find irritating. It also doesn’t have a long shelf-life though, so be careful of the expiration date, and throw it away when it expires.

Those are the contact lens solutions I’ve used, and really liked, over the years, but there are dozens more on the market, so if you don’t love these, there are still so many to try! Is there one on this list you like, too? Why or why not? Which solution do you like better, and why?

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