10 Lovely Skeleton Key Pieces to Admire ...


10 Lovely Skeleton Key Pieces to Admire ...
10 Lovely Skeleton Key Pieces to Admire ...

...and perhaps buy if you fancy a few of them. If you like romance and all things Victorian, skeleton keys are probably things that you find too hard to resist. I feel the same. And with this collection, my obsession may be reaching new heights.

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Antique Key Necklace

Antique Key Necklace **Price: **$18 at shanalogic

We start, of course, with a piece of jewelry. There are many skeleton key necklaces out there but this one is special. The addition of filigree charms gives this an old world feel. The ruby swarovski crystal gives it that unique element, too.


Lock & Key Hand Mirror

Lock & Key Hand Mirror Price: $32 at anthropologie

Beautiful! I can imagine a princess from one of our beloved fairytales using this mirror to gaze at her perfect curls or adjust the tiara on her head. Is it me or do skeleton keys and filigree details perfect together?


In a High Key Tea Towel

In a High Key Tea Towel **Price: **$24.99 at modcloth

Yes, even your tea towels can give off that Victorian vibe. This towel features gold and silver keys printed on linen. You can use it to dry dishes or for all-around kitchen cleanup. Of course, you can also frame the towel and have yourself a pretty wall art.


Key Bracelet

Key Bracelet Price: $15 at urban outfitters

Not all skeleton key accessories are for girly-girls. This leather and key-embellished bracelet is one fantastic example. I bet even a guy can rock this.


Skeleton Key Bottler Opener

Skeleton Key Bottler Opener **Price: **$12 at urban outfitters

With this price, I suggest you buy one and turn it into a multi-purpose necklace. That head is much too pretty to waste. You should not let this sit in your kitchen day in and day out; it will make a gorgeous, albeit long, pendant, really!


Suzannah Wainhouse Keys Necklace

Suzannah Wainhouse Keys Necklace Price: $395 at barneys

You may balk at the price but this is from a known jewelry brand. The fact that this is a unique-looking skeleton key necklace should be enough for it to be included in this list.


Keys Paper Cut out Plate

Keys Paper Cut out Plate Price: $8 at urban outfitters

I had to include this because I love both skeleton keys and paper cutting. In fact, I might just steal this idea and make me a pretty paper cut out with key details. When I find time to develop my non-existent paper cutting skills, of course.


House of Harlow Large Key Cocktail Ring

House of Harlow Large Key Cocktail Ring Price: $89.65 at asos

Stylish lady Nicole Richie sure knows how to make my heart beat faster. This beauty is a 14ct gold plated statement ring on a thin band. On days when you feel like channeling your inner '60s child, this ring is all you need.


Cast Iron Key Wall Hooks

Price: $22 at plasticland

I am most definitely having these when I finally build me a house. While we still have a rental, I am thinking of attempting to make my own. Looks like scouring flea markets has been added to my to-do list!


Vintage Key-Hole Filigree Ring

Vintage Key-Hole Filigree Ring Price: $13 at plasticland

Categorically, this should not be part of the list. But since the design is a key hole for which skeleton keys are used, I think it should be here. Besides, how can I say no to the filigree band?

I bet some of these have opened that part in your heart that could love skeleton keys. Aherm, pun intended. Which of these do you see yourself wearing or adding to your home?

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wow, they're all so cute!! like the rings and the 1st necklace the most! :D

the lock and key hand mirror... Just looks fantastic!:) those curls just make it gorgeous

Wow...interesting pieces.

Loved every single one.

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