7 Usual and Unusual Ways to Bejewel Yourself ...


7 Usual and Unusual Ways to Bejewel Yourself ...
7 Usual and Unusual Ways to Bejewel Yourself ...

Shiny, shiny, shiny! I have to say that people are going crazy about the sparkle and that’s not just a new trend but something that’s been going on for quite some time. But, why people bejewel themselves in the first place? Well, it can help one stand out or speak a lot about one’s bank account. Showing up totally bejeweled is a guarantee you’ll make a shocking first impression – good or bad, that depends on the one that rocks the bling and the way he/she does it. But let’s see some of the most popular bejeweling techniques. You never know, some of them might even come handy one of these days. So, here they are:

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Dazzling Makeup

Photo Credit: Art Fountain

I’ve always liked the idea of sparkly eyes and, thanks to the cosmetic companies, we now have the opportunity to bejewel our eyelashes, eyelids or the area around the eyebrows without the help of a professional makeup artist. You can buy a set of Art Deco blinged out fake eyelashes, glue the crystals yourself or get Revlon’s special mascara-like product that, once it’s dry, forms gorgeous, sparkly drops on the tip of the eyelash.



Photo Credit: fashion-victims.org

Try to say this fast a couple of times, it’s not a tongue-twister but it sure is fun. It sounds kind of funky… Vajaaaazzling! So, let’s say you want to surprise your partner by doing something unusual. If Brazilian is not how you usually style your vajayjay, you’d probably decide to give it a shot. Right? But what if you’ve have already discovered the wonders of the Brazilian waxing and it became a normal procedure? Well, you can bedazzle your vajayjay or vajazzle it, in short! This procedure involves applying crystals on your “lower region” and is not only fun but painless and temporary too. Jennifer Love Hewitt admitted her “lil’ jenny” looks like a disco ball but I personally wouldn’t go that far (or so low, for that matter). I would, however, get one of those DIY vajazzling kits and make a little heart.



Photo Credit:Sparlingo

If you take care of it properly and use only good quality jewelry, a piercing can be a very cute detail. I’ve pierced my belly button when I was about to turn 18 and here I am, more than 6 years later, still happy I did it. My belly rings are small but shiny, they look wonderful on tanned skin and I, personally, think of them as the most comfortable, 100% beach appropriate jewelry ever. I also like to see a cute little stone sparkling on a girl’s nose or even chin but I guess those piercings are kind of hard to keep after teen years, especially if your goal is to become a lawyer or something like that.


Eye Jewelry

Photo Credit:life.com

If you think eye tattoos are weird, wait until you hear about this one! Take a deep breath first, hold on to your chair and put away whatever you might be eating or drinking at the moment. Okay, so apparently you can “decorate” yourself these days by having small platinum implants shoved inside your eyeball. Ugh! Yuck! I told you it’s going to get ugly. One ingenious designer has also designed dangling contact lens ornaments! You know those cell phone decorations? Well, it looks pretty much the same and, since I’ve been using contacts for ten years now, I feel competent enough to say this – The guy obviously knows nothing about contact lenses! Would it even be possible to blink with something dangling from your eye?! Conclusion – Dear designer, thanks for being so freaking creative! Hope you didn’t quit your day job!


Diamond Grills

Photo Credit: images.businessweek.com
I’d say that some rappers took the expression “A million dollar smile” quite literally! I’m not sure how did it all start but it turned into a mass trend and a way to say that you are rich without actually having to speak. A multiplatinum sold artist just smiles and the tabloids spend the next couple of days trying to guess the number of diamonds and determine how long will the artist in question be able to enjoy his brand new hardware before having to take it off in order to serve the sentence for weapon/drug possession.


Random Bejeweling

Photo Credit: L'abe

I have two words for you: “adhesive” and “Swarovski”! A tiny blob of your fake eyelash glue should hold the crystals in place, at least for one night. So all you need is a good idea, a DIY bejeweling kit and a your own two arms. You can add some glitz to that tattoo you might already have or make a brand new design to wear just for that night. Hey, if Lady Gaga can do it, why can’t we?


Good Old-fashioned Ways

Photo Credit: PinkBow

But, let’s not forget jewelry, shoes, clutches and clothes either! After all, we all know it takes just one carefully chosen sparkly piece to glam up the entire outfit. Big pieces of jewelry do wonders for the little black dress while sequined tops combined with jeans make a wonderful, trendy party outfit. You can’t go wrong with the sequined bra either as that’s probably the only piece of underwear you won’t mind showing through your semi-sheer tunic. Just remember one thing, ladies: a little bit goes a long way! So pick your pieces carefully and make sure you don’t overdo the sparkle.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about – What if a man decides to vajazzle his private parts? I mean, how would you call it? P-jazzling? Disco balls? Manjazzling? Anyways, enough with that one! Tell me what you think about bling-bling? Do you see every outing as your chance to shine or you prefer to leave the sparking to someone else? And what about sparkle disasters? Come on, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one! I see them everywhere I go.

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