7 Divine Engagement Rings from Since1910.com ...

What is it about engagement rings that makes any woman stop and stare wistfully. No seriously, I just spent the last two hours gaping at gorgeous engagement rings at since1910.com. And now here I am to share my favorites with all of you. Since1910.com have been in the business for 100 years now and that would make them certified experts in of all things related to engagement rings. Now to bring you my favorites...

1. Tacori Engagement Ring with Pave Set Diamonds

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Price: $4,110 at since1910.com
Trinity rings have always been my favorite because I love the "past, present, future" symbolism that they stand for. This stunner with a gorgeous 1.50 ct round brilliant cut center diamond and round side stones won my heart in an instant! The best part is you can customize it to get a stone that is less than 1.20 ct or better, MORE than 2.00 ct. Phew!

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