8 Beautiful Tiffany Accessories ...

Simply put, there’s nothing in the entire Tiffany and Co. lineup I wouldn’t love to have. Their jewelry is gorgeous, but I’m also in love with their accessories, their handbags, sunglasses, and more. Here are 8 beautiful Tiffany accessories, all available online and in store now.

1. Tiffany Bracelet Bag

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Price: $795 at tiffany.com
This gorgeous satin bag is available in eight lush colors, but my favorite is Camel, a pale gold that co-ordinates perfectly with the 24k gold-plated brass bracelet and kiss-lock hardware. Inside, there’s a pocket for keeping necessities at hand, and a Tiffany Blue® lining.

2. Tiffany Camille Clutch

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Price: $1,195 at tiffany.com
This Italian-made, Austrian crystal detailed flat clutch is sleek and elegant, with a detachable chain, Tiffany Blue® lining, and two interior pockets. The inside and outside are both soft satin, and the hardware is shining palladium-plated brass.

3. Tiffany Passport Cover

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Price: $145 at tiffany.com
If you’re a world traveler, or just dream of being one, indulge in this gorgeous patent leather passport cover, done in bright Tiffany Blue® with a tiny silver accent in one corner. It measures 5½ by 4 inches, ideal for holding your passport and a travel memento or two.

4. Tiffany Elsa Peretti® Open Heart Belt Buckle

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Price: $495 at tiffany.com
This sleek black leather belt features a unique design by Else Peretti, a rounded open heart done in shining sterling silver. The belt is available in a small or large, and is a classic, so it will never go out of style!

5. Return to Tiffany™ Butterfly Sunglasses

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Price: $220 at tiffany.com
Every girl needs a good pair of tortoise-shell sunglasses, not just to protect her eyes but also for the style. These are gorgeous, made of dark acetate with a sweet silver heart detail on the side. They provide 100% UV protection, too, so you have all the style and substance, too.

6. Tiffany Notes Scarf

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Price: $50 at tiffany.com
The Tiffany Notes collection is inspired by the elegant script of hand-written wedding invitations, and this scarf features the script on a luxurious Tiffany Blue® and white silk background. The scarf measures 33 inches long by 2 inches wide, ideal for using as a headband or to tie on a handbag.

7. Tiffany & Co.® Business Card Case

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Price: $295 at tiffany.com
This sleek business card holder can be used to hold your best contacts, or for holding your own when you make new acquaintances. It’s made of bright sterling silver and features the classic “Tiffany and Co.” script etched on the front.

8. Tiffany Starfish Key Ring

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Price: $300 at tiffany.com
Recall your beach house vacation all winter long with this pretty key ring featuring two coral-colored starfish. The key ring is made of sterling silver, with orange enamel for the starfish detail. The large clip ensures your keys are safe and secure. If you fancy flowers or are beguiled by butterflies, this ring is available with them, too.

Those are just a handful of the gorgeous accessories available at Tiffany, the ones I’ve been coveting the most. Which of these accessories do you like best, and why? Or is there another Tiffany bag, belt, or pair of sunglasses you love more?

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