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10 Cute IPad Cases for under 30 ...

By Meream

There are many talented artists out there who make iPad cases. This is why you don't need to go for an expensive big company-made one. You already spent a lot of money for your iPad, why make your savings even weaker by buying an expensive case? So let's take a look at these beautiful handmade cases that cost only $30 or less each.

Table of contents:

  1. singing in the rain
  2. faux leather in bamboo finishing
  3. kitten print case
  4. wild thyme birds and flowers - quilted and padded
  5. lemonstory sleeve in grey
  6. old script case
  7. moustache case
  8. parakeet case
  9. strawberries and apple
  10. scrivener

1 Singing in the Rain

Price: $24.95 / Etsy

How adorable is the print of this iPad case? Not only will this let you carry your iPad around in style, you will also be able to store a notepad or perhaps a writing pad in it. I am loving that cute dotted red fabric.

2 Faux Leather in Bamboo Finishing

Price: $24 / Etsy

This one looks like cake and I am a sucker for things that look like cake. Seriously. But back to the case...I think the faux leather part looks classy. Your iPad will be splendidly protected, too.

3 Kitten Print Case

Price: $18.99 / Etsy

I love a good combination of white, black, and red. I am also a cat person. Not to mention that this one is relatively cheap. So basically, this case is full of win for me.

4 Wild Thyme Birds and Flowers - Quilted and Padded

Price: $22 / Etsy

The print alone of this case is enough to turn a gloomy day around. Seriously, how cheerful is this fabric? I love the fact that this case is quilted and comes with a fleece lining.

5 Lemonstory Sleeve in Grey

Price: $29 / Etsy

Here is a great option for the guys. Some girls might find this a bit boring but you cannot deny that it looks very classy.

6 Old Script Case

Price: $29.99 / Etsy

How romantic is this? Again, this looks like chocolate cake so I am all over it. Also, there is an element of fun about the fact that you are using an old world print to protect a modern device.

7 Moustache Case

Price: $28 / Etsy

This case makes me giggle! This is made of four layers of felt so you'll know that your iPad will be safe all the time.

8 Parakeet Case

Price: $22.90 / Etsy

Yellow with a single-color print of birds? I'll have five please! Five because this will be dirty sooner than you'd think but you will not mind using a replacement because it's too cute.

9 Strawberries and Apple

Price: $28.99 / Etsy

The button alone of this case is enough to make me want to buy an iPad. Doesn't this look beautifully made?

10 Scrivener

Price: $30 / Etsy

This one is a hardcover for keeping your iPad safe. I think this is a work of art. You can tell that every inch of this case was made with love.

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