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9 Barbie Dolls I Still Own ...

By Lyndsie

I still have a lot of Barbie dolls. I'm talking the every day ones I played with all the time, as well as … collectible Barbies. I don't know, it's weird. I know Barbie is kind of awful, but all of mine played a huge part in making me a story teller as well as a writer. My Barbie soaps, you know. And I do still like some collectibles, especially pop culture ones. Here are a few of my favorites never-been-out-of-the-box favorites!

1 Happy Holidays Barbie

Happy Holidays BarbiePhoto Credit: RocNrolhrt

I have every one of these Barbies except the representations for the first two years they were created: 1988 and 1989, of course, because they're the most expensive to buy now. Every so often I think about selling them, but … I'm not ready yet. They might be heirlooms for my future children. If I don't keep them for myself.

2 Wedding Day Midge

Wedding Day MidgePhoto Credit: Edua_Retro
I have two versions of Wedding Day Midge and Alan: one I played with, because I love Midge more than anything, and the other I wanted for display. Yeah, yeah. I'm weird. But this was the first time that Midge was really gorgeous, really able to upstage blond Barbie in a meaningful way, and I just love her.

3 Gone with the Wind Barbie

Gone with the Wind BarbiePhoto Credit: scarlett283

Barbie as Scarlett O'Hara is awesome. She is just gorgeous. I love Gone with the Wind, book and movie, and I adore both Vivien Leigh and Barbie, so this was a match made in heaven. I like seeing how the design, mold, and all of Barbie dolls change, both over the years and with different representations. This one is a highlight to me.

4 I Love Lucy Barbies

I Love Lucy BarbiesPhoto Credit: Lemon Zest Loves Rasberries

This is a case of the same. I am sort of obsessed with Lucille Ball. I don't stalk her family or anything, but I love her. Not just her shows, I mean I read pretty much any Lucille Ball biography I can get my hands on, watch her movies as well, things like that. She was a gorgeous woman, but she wasn't afraid of going goofy if she was being funny. Physical comedy was her forte. I love the dolls, and they do a decent job of bringing that across … but seriously, Mattel could have done a whole lot more.

5 Breakfast at Tiffany's Barbies

Breakfast at Tiffany's BarbiesPhoto Credit: LK51517

Given the ridiculous amounts of love I have for Audrey Hepburn, this is pretty self explanatory. I also love the character of Holly Golightly, both as she's written and as she appears on screen. These dolls are gorgeous, I just die. The clothes are especially exquisite, as are all the little details that make the dolls in the series evoke both Audrey and Holly.

6 My Fair Lady Barbies

My Fair Lady BarbiesPhoto Credit: Moonslicius?

See above! I love My Fair Lady, I love Rex Harrison, I love the music, the clothes, all of everything. And the Eliza dolls are absolutely delightful. The clothing, again, is exquisite – as it needed to be, to do any justice at all to the movie.

7 Elizabethan Barbie

Elizabethan BarbiePhoto Credit: Chrisbman

I've always been a huge fan of the Elizabethan era in England. When I started really getting into it – learning the history, reading Shakespeare, et cetera – my parents did everything they could to encourage my interests. That included copies of my favorite plays, and the Elizabethan Barbie under the Christmas tree!

8 Grecian Barbie

Grecian BarbiePhoto Credit: Enchanticals

This is in the same vein as Elizabethan Barbie. However, I got Grecian Barbie as a half-joke, half-congratulations when I aced my first semester of Latin. It was a joke because I loathed my Latin teacher – who, by the bye, did not resemble Grecian Barbie in the slightest.

9 Grease Barbies

Grease BarbiesPhoto Credit: Pimp My Barbie

Oh, I could not resist these – although I refuse to even think about purchasing the little Kelly and … Boy-Kelly versions. No thanks. I love Stockard Channing too much not to want her in Barbie doll form though.

I sort of think of Barbies as my vice. And a lot of them really will be worth money someday, if they're not already. Who knows, they might provide my future kid's college education – or I might end up with a creepy Barbie room, like Candy Spelling's doll room. Am I the only secret doll collector here?

Top Photo Credit: Ashley-kun

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