11 Cool USB Flash Drives ...

It may sound a bit unorthodox but I have a friend that uses USB memory stick to keep his passport scans whenever he goes abroad. The guy says, “Somebody may steal my passport but I doubt anybody will find my flash drive worth stealing.” I, in the other hand, use the flash drive for other, less unusual stuff, like storing my fav tunes, work in progress, notes and lessons which may come handy on the exams or which I know my classmates will ask to borrow sooner or later. The point is this – no matter what you keep on your USB stick or how often do you use it, you can’t ever deny its usefulness. And these days, they go beyond useful – they reflect personal style, have multiple purposes and could even make a cool gift. So, if you’re browsing for a new USB flash drive, here’s the list of 11 ones I like:

1. Building Block Flash Drive

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Price: $34.99 at perpetualkid.com
This definitely proves that, you can never be too old to play with the building blocks! I call the pink one and, with 4 gigs of storage space, I have no doubts it will serve my need just perfectly.

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