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7 Places to Buy Video Games ...

By Melanie

Are you tired of spending too much for retail priced games? Let me give you some places we buy our games from for cheaper than most priced stores. These places are legit and serve their purpose well. Here are the 7 Places to Buy Video Games …

7 Ebay

If you can’t find a game that is old or hard to get, you should go here. They have a large selection of auction video games that have a suitable chance for a good price. One good tip to remember is to make sure they have good feedback, before buying from anyone on eBay.

6 Craigslist

This another good place to find cheap bulk games or even wholesale. People want to get rid of their stuff for some reason or another. They also sell their stuff quiet cheap when they are in need of money. One tip to watch for is to avoid meeting at their houses or somewhere quiet. Make sure they want to meet at a public area, like Walmart, grocery store or even mall.


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5 Flea Markets

In Florida there are flea markets that allow people to sell their stuff like a garage sale. This place you will find tons of cheap games that sometimes the owners don’t know what they are. My husband finds many rare games from the flea market that cost more than the value they sell if for. Perfect place to buy video games for a cheap price, but watch out for their condition and make sure it’s not burned software.

4 Garage Sales and Yard Sales

These places are like a flea market, but one person selling stuff from their yard or garage. This is a good way to get tons of video games for cheap. We just recently bought 6 Sega games for 1.00$ Now that’s a mega deal! This is a very good place to find wholesale and resell.

3 Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to buy game for less than the price of shipping. You can find many games by themselves for a cheap price. Like eBay you need to make sure they have good feedback. If you can’t find a rare game you normal can’t get in stores, Amazon is the other place to go besides eBay. Amazon is always my second choice to make the decision of what the right price would be for a game to buy.

2 Ecrater

Ecrater is a free Webstore space that allows the user to post items for free through Google. They can find your items for sale through Google checkout or Google. It’s like owning an online Webstore. We like buying from this Ecrater all the time for video games They have good prices.

1 Free Webstores

Tons of people own free Webstores and sell items for less than retail all the time. I recently found a good deal at this Webstore for a N64 bundle of 20 games for 30$. That’s a bargain and they were almost all Mario games! Also, just recently they had a 50% sale! They always have sales going on during each month and you should take advantage of it like I did.

Video games in this family is a fun activity and hobby, so when we find good cheap prices is like finding gold treasure. We have games that are rare and they go for a good price and guess what we found them at these stores and flea markets. It’s amazing what me and my husband find sometimes. Oh well, that’s all I have to say. Do you use these stores as well?

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