10 Worst Inventions Ever ...


10 Worst Inventions Ever ...
10 Worst Inventions Ever ...

We have come a long ways from Stone Age Man to become king of the planet. We have evolved and invented our way to the technologically advanced planet of today. Let’s take a look at 10 of the worst inventions ever.

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The Hydrogen Blimp

Yes, hydrogen is lighter than air and yes, a blimp filled with hydrogen can become airborne and fly. And yes, hydrogen does explode when exposed to a spark or open flame. One only need remember the Hindenburg to know this was a bad idea.


Pay Toilets

Someone came up with the bright idea that patrons should pay to use public toilet facilities. Pay toilets became the bane of urban public toilets users; what if you didn’t have correct change or what if the door opened when your allotted time was up? This was an extremely unpopular idea that did not last long.


New Coca-Cola

This newer, sweeter recipe Coca-Cola only lasted 3 months on shelves. Even though blind tests showed that its taste was preferred over that of classic recipe Coke, it flopped completely on the market. It only goes to show you don’t mess with loyal consumers.


Agent Orange

Agent Orange was a chemical defoliant used by the American military. Blanket aerial application of some 21 million gallons of the chemical did make the enemy easier to spot and attack, but Agent Orange has left a legacy of cancer, birth defects, and more in its wake. Vietnamese and American military have both suffered the results of this deadly chemical.


Automated Phone Dialers

How many times have you been roused from a dead sleep by the ringing of your phone only to be greeted with an automated message urging you to support some cause. Automated phone dialers make it possible for marketers to annoy you all 24 hours of the day at little cost, or inconvenience, to them.


Kitty Wig

Considered by pretty much everyone to be a really dumb invention, kitty wigs have made their way around the world. Folks, cats have hair so why would you want to insult their dignity by flopping a wig on their head?


Inflatable Dart Board

This nifty invention allows you to stuff this portable board into a package the size of a small cup. Interestingly, the board is inflatable. More interesting yet, you do throw darts at it. It comes with a repair kit in case of misses.


Anti-Eating Face Mask

Desperate times require desperate measures! Are you desperate to lose weight? Try an Anti-Eating face Mask. Seriously, if you have no self control when it comes to food, wearing this mask will prevent you from ingesting food. There’s got to be a better way!


Curved Barrel Gun

A gun with a curved barrel is the perfect gun for shooting around corners. However, how can you tell what you are shooting at if you are not looking around the corner?


Toilet Roll Hat

This hat was designed to fit atop the head and hold a whole roll of toilet paper. To blow your nose you simply rolled some paper down and blew. Too bad it never caught on.

Inventions have brought us to where we are. But, for every great invention there have been hundreds (if not thousands) of not so great inventions. What do you think is the worst invention ever?

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Anti-eating face mask? Are you kidding me!?

inflatable dart board? seriously? OMG

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