8 Advantages of Vintage Style ...

By Alison

8 Advantages of Vintage Style ...

I absolutely adore vintage clothes, and have quite a few garments in my wardrobe. Vintage is very popular these days, perhaps as a reaction to the uniformity of chain stores, with their racks of identical garments. Here are some advantages of adopting vintage style.

1 Individuality

If you despair at how everyone seems to dress and look the same these days, vintage is the answer! It allows you to be truly individual, and while it might take some nerve to stand out from the crowd, a vintage queen will never look like anyone else.

2 Quality

Does it annoy you how poorly made some modern garments seem to be? Vintage clothes were made to last, rather than being seen as disposable fashion. So buying a vintage garment for the same price as something new will likely give you a lot more wear for your money.

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3 Fashionable

Fashion goes in cycles, so it is inevitable that retro looks will come back in at some point. If you’re already wearing vintage, though, you’re ahead of the pack, and you will look like a stylish fashion leader!

4 Fun to Rummage

I find vintage shopping quite exciting, as you never know what you will find. There won’t be dozens of the same piece, so these shops can be a treasure trove! If you don’t find something you like, move on to the next shop, or come back next week, and you may find the perfect outfit.

5 Mix and Match

If you’re concerned that wearing vintage will make you look as though you’ve raided your granny’s wardrobe, do what many people in the fashion industry do. By matching vintage pieces with modern purchases, you create a unique and fresh look.

6 Double Takes

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when you wear vintage garments, it’s that there is zero possibility of seeing someone wearing the same thing. It’s so embarrassing when that happens! With vintage style, you can’t possibly see anyone wearing the exact same item.

7 Relive the past

With many TV series and films being set in previous decades, this can often lead to a revival of vintage style. If you enjoy such programmes, and have an interest in history, adopting a vintage look can allow you to extend that interest in the past.

8 Recycling

Buying vintage is very green! Since there are clearly a lot of vintage garments still hidden away, wearing them means that they will not be discarded. It also means that the demand for modern garments will be correspondingly reduced, thus making less impact on resources.

If you live somewhere that isn’t blessed with lots of vintage shops, then check out online stores and Ebay for a touch of vintage style! Make your own style, and enjoy looking unique …

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I love the vintage look. I just can't handle the people at the thrift stores if I'm alone. So I have to go with others if I want to actually shop.



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