3 Great Baby Quasar Products to Try at Dermapoise.com ...

As my eternal relationship with acne continues *looks menacingly at pimple on right cheek*, I have decided to share three wonderful, new Baby Quasar products from Dermapoise.comthat I'm dying to try. Incidentally, they just celebrated their first year anniversary on the 14th of Feb. Yay Dermapoise! Now for these amazing products...

1. Baby Quasar Pure Silk

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Price: $55.99 at www.dermapoise.com

God knows that my skin goes through a whole lot of crazy thanks to the sun, the insane pollution and other wonderful things that come with living in a busy city. Pure Silk is in short a magic (oil-free) potion that counters all of that evil with its copper peptide, Co-Enzyme Q10-antioxidant and Hyaluronic Acid-vegan form content. What it leaves you with is gorgeous, blotch-free skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles that have the super ability of repairing itself. Whee!

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